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I saw this on RockPaperShotgun, it is just lovely, a very nice happy-feeling game:)

Is there a way to invert the Y-Axis?

I'd love to put this on my son's tablet for him. If you think it will run (Linx Vision 8: Intel Atom x5-Z8300, 2 GB RAM Intel Integrated Graphics, it used to run Slime Rancher OK), any chance of a 32-bit build?

I also found it hard to find the cream:) Although perhaps that's intentional:)

I saw you said "Apple doesn't let us build for their platform unless we own a Mac". I own an old Mac:) I'm a professional developer (Chaos Reborn (Unity), Black Powder \\ Red Earth (SDL) - so, no Unreal experience), happy to help for free if you want and if I can:)

Finally, just wow at producing this in 3 days!