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For young children, it would be good to restrict the camera-stick Y-axis: my kids end up stuck in a top-down view, or staring up the poor marshmellow's butt:) I think a fixed roughly over-the-shoulder view is probably fine, maybe a bit able to look up to see those high shelves.


Hey RafiRomero,
Thanks so much for playing our game :D! That seems strange that the camera is getting stuck, we haven't been able to recreate that.  You can email us at and we will try to get it sorted!! 


Hi Maeve,

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my confusing post: there is no camera bug in your lovely game. My 3-year-old can usually have fun playing, but lacks the skill to control the camera Y-axis, and especially ends up getting himself stuck with it pointing up at the marshmellow's bottom! I can reset the camera for him with the stick, but he can't figure out that this is what he needs to do.

My wife somewhat has the same problem, as she's not really played 3D games and 3rd-person camera controls just aren't intuitive to her (better than 1st person, however). It doesn't really need fixing, it was just feedback, maybe for whatever you make next.

Ahh understood! We will take note of that feedback then. Happy you and your family are playing! :D