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Thank you for the video Erin, we are happy you enjoyed our game!! For the final version of the game were definitely gonna look at making the cream and gingerbread messaging clear! 

Thank you so much for the video and support mikey, glad you enjoyed!  We can't wait to show you what we have lined up for these marshmallows!

Thank you for playing our game and making this video!! :D we are definitely looking at making the cream messaging clearer in the new version! 

Thanks playing our game and for the video!! the edits were great haha :D

Thank you for enjoying the game and taking the time to record a video review! :D

Thanks for enjoying the game, it means a lot that you liked it and want to see more! Thanks for showing us the video, we love seeing people play our game :D

Ahh understood! We will take note of that feedback then. Happy you and your family are playing! :D 

Hey RafiRomero,
Thanks so much for playing our game :D! That seems strange that the camera is getting stuck, we haven't been able to recreate that.  You can email us at and we will try to get it sorted!! 

Thank you so much for playing our game Tyler! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Hey puppylover! 

If you have downloaded it from the website (this page), the file is downloaded is a "zip file",  right click and press extract it, then run (double click) "WinterJam".

You can alternatively download it from the app and run it easily.

This is a game that only runs on PC for now, not mac! 

"Mellow" is a play on words :D cause we hope you all mellow out while playing this game!
Thank you so much for playing our game, glad you enjoyed it and took the time to make a video!!