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Display Game Rating?

A topic by noxDev created Oct 08, 2017 Views: 691 Replies: 3
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Hey, not sure if this has been asked before, I looked around for a way to search old topics but I couldn't find a way, so sorry if there's a very obvious way, especially if this has been asked before :s

I'm wondering if there is a way to display the average user rating, or even make each one public on the games information page? My game has attained a surprisingly high average rating and I was hoping there was a way to show it off, haha.


Hey, there currently isn't a way to search topics (but it's something we need to add). 

The average rating is currently located in the "More information" drop-down. We're going to be updating how we do rating in the near future so it will be easier to see that piece of information.


This would be incredible. Showing it on the game item in the browse lists would be ace as well.

Great! It's very hidden right now.