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Thanks I'm so glad you'e enjoying it! Yes I still have to put losing in the game as well as a save system.

Hmm, my inspiration was kind of a weird mix between Minecraft and certain 2.5D games I've played.

The Arena admittedly fell to the back burner for a long time, however it is now up and running again in version 0.15.

Awesome :3
Remember that there's still some animations coming, so sometimes it doesn't look like they're doing it, but they are

Hey everyone, I'm working on updating the newer versions to Itch, 0.12 will be up within a few days, but as far as uploading the Silver builds I'm looking into Patreon integration, since I think I misunderstood Itch's purchasing system and some people were getting multiple versions for only one payment- which isn't fair to my Patreon supporters. Still looking into this, thanks for the patience!

Ohh that doesn't happen yet, sorry for the confusion. A grass tile is always created from a soil tile, however in the future Grass tiles will spawn tufts of grass which can be cut down for money, but this is not implemented yet.

Hmm, you're not the first player to mention controller problems, I'll definitely have to look into compatibility options, since generally I trust UE4 to handle controller input. As far as seeds go, you drop them on the ground and use the hoe tool to plant them, also only Resident monsters can be fucked by the player, Visiting monsters can only be fucked by other monsters.

Hey sorry for the late reply. The T-pose does indicate a missing animaton as you guessed. The animations are being done through a skeletal system, but only meshes who share the same skeleton can share animations. As all of the monsters use different skeletons for their extra features (tails, etc) they cannot share animations unfortunately :(

The T-pose just indicates a missing animation. They are engaging as normal, there's just no animation for it yet :)

I think I may have accidentally left it out of some versions. I'll post it online in case I forget again in the future.

Hey guys just posting here to let you all know that the update to version 0.10 has been uploaded and is currently available for all patrons! (https://www.patreon.com/NoxiousGames)

This update will be posted to itch in about 3 days.

The controls are included in the instructions.txt in the root of the download folder :)

Hey, not sure if this has been asked before, I looked around for a way to search old topics but I couldn't find a way, so sorry if there's a very obvious way, especially if this has been asked before :s

I'm wondering if there is a way to display the average user rating, or even make each one public on the games information page? My game has attained a surprisingly high average rating and I was hoping there was a way to show it off, haha.

Oh those texture errors are weird, I'll have to look through the code for a possible cause. A lot of the stuff you mentioned is simply due to development, the T-poses for example are missing animations, I.E. animations which haven't been completed yet. However some of this is new to me, so I'll add it to my glitch list, thanks so much for taking the time to put this together!

Hm, I'm actually not sure about that! I use an xbox one controller, and it works fine. I would think as long as your PC recognizes the controller it should work.

Oh that's a good point. I could make a simple options menu with that and some graphic setting options. I'll add that to the updates list :)

To be honest Unreal Engine 4 is very taxing, there's still a lot of bells and whistles I have to deactivate. I'll see if I can optimize the settings and patch it soon so it's more friendly for people with slower computers, because based on the models and textures being used it shouldn't be that bad.

Hmm, that's very odd! Here, I'll toss the x64 version up on dropbox and post a link here in case anyone else runs into that problem.


There you go :)

I believe that the current public release version of the game does not allow for direct commanding of monsters, this will be in the next public release on the 15th however.

I'm also aware of the problems with the buying land feature, it's a simple fix just one I haven't gotten around to yet, just a collision problem. 

Thanks so much for the feedback :) I'll definitely have that fixed for the public release this month.

This kind of stuff is super helpful!

You're right! Since I play test in such small time frames I guess I've never noticed this error from extended game play. There was a dead end in one of the loops which did not allow the spawning system to reset after a girl had been spawned! I just fixed this and I'll patch it very soon.

There's a few things in here I'm aware of, but will be fixed in future updates. Flowers are not yet in the save system, so they do not save yet. I don't know why I even put seeds in the shop tbh. The girls can eat acorns or each other's fluids. If there is a tree in your garden it will produce food for them consistently. 

That arena glitch is kind of strange, I've experienced it before, I might just end up locking their y translation.

This is great though, thank you so much for taking the time to play test, anything else you come across or any other ideas or suggestions pleae don't hesistate to post!

Thanks I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

So the spawning system is based on the in game clock and tries to spawn a girl every hour, which translates to one minute of game time. 

First a random number between 0 and 3 is generated, if it's not a zero, nothing happens. This means the chance to spawn a girl every minute is 25%.

Then the requirements are checked and a list of possible spawns is built, then a random type is picked from the list and that species is spawned, as long as there are less than 2 already in your garden.

I will double check that I didn't screw something up in the last update but it's probably just bad luck. A trick is to save your game a few seconds before the hour and load if nothing shows up in a few seconds (It takes new spawns about 20 seconds to move from their spawn location in the forest to your garden).

Uploaded an x32 version with v03!

Haha, the dark side of RNG.

There is a controls list provided in txt form within the zip :)

It's probably a lot of settings I havn't disabled yet in UE4. There's a lot of bells and whistles that come enabled that I don't need, and I need to find the settings which strike the balance between performance and graphics that I'm looking for, which is actually on the lower end as far as 3D graphics are concerned.

I'll absolutely look into that, thank you!

I'm going to be increasing the frequency of monster spawns in the next version. Check your encyclopaedia, if you've fulfilled the visiting requirements they will eventually show up.

Oh no! I'm so sorry I didn't think of that. Unreal Engine 4 allows project building on many platforms, I can make a build for 32x.