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This would be incredible. Showing it on the game item in the browse lists would be ace as well.

Fantastic feedback! I'll be sure to go through it and try to improve on these issues. Glad you are enjoying the game despite the current state.

Thanks for writing this up!

Hey! Heck ya we do! Come hang out. It's here:

I'll add it to the website today.

Hey Fox! Thanks for bringing this up. It could be the result of an error that has happened under the hood. Does this problem persist when you restart the game? Also, if it's not a hassle, I'd love to take a look at your game save to see the problem.  On Windows it's found at c:/Users/(you)/AppData/LocalLow/UnknownOriginGames/OddRealm.  Let me know if you're not on Windows and I'll send you the path for the platform you're on. If you could send that folder to, I would greatly appreciate it. And sorry that you encountered this problem. I'll try to fix it asap.

Hey friends. At the end of each season the plants will die and the next season's plant types will start to grow. As Lemondew suggested, having a good supply of seeds is a great strategy. I'll look into better ways to broadcast that info as it does sneak up on you. Apologies for the unfortunate loss of your crops!

hello there! I honestly can’t say if this will ever be finished. I’ll work on it as long as possible and I’m taking player requests and adding them. Other playable races are something specific I really want to add. Also feel free to join the discord server. We discuss features a lot there. :)

hmmm. Great question! I’ll have to do some research on this. Off the top of my head I don’t think so. I’ll see if I can find a way though. :)

hello! There are some bugs with people procreating right now. Should be fixed in the next patch (Sunday). This will hopefully make your population increase at a much better rate.

Hey there! Right now merchants are the best way to get rid of items. As that is slow and unreliable, I’m working on a feature to just get rid of stuff. I’ll be adding it ASAP. Hopefully in a week or two.

Sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the game. DF was a big inspiration obviously. I wanted to make this game to teach myself how to make a very complex game while also keeping it as accessible as possible with some simple graphics and style. Unfortunately, making a massive universe the likes of DF takes a huge amount of effort. DF has been in development for ten plus years. Like them, I want to continue adding to the world as long as I can. To do so I need to charge 10 dollars and relying on donations just doesn’t pay rent. I think I’ve made like 100 dollars from donations. Anyway, I can understand why you’d be upset with my game because you expect DF 2. Those are big shoes to fill and I’d be arrogant as heck to say my game is anywhere close to DF. But hey you gotta start somewhere.  

Just to clarify, clicking your mouse buttons changes the camera layer?

Thank you so much for this feedback! I'm still working on adding content at the moment and agree there needs to be MORE! Haha. Also working on things like patrol groups and hotkeys for quickly selecting warriors/archers so that it's a bit easier to move them about. Your best bet would be to equip them with some weapons. Ideally, making some out of wood at the work shop. Then you can start to dig a little bit deeper safely. As well, try making a stone pickaxe. That should help your miner dig a bit faster down.

Hope that helps and thanks again for that feedback. :)

Thanks for answering that one, Schpok! :)

I completely understand. Hope to get a steam build out there soon. 

Hey there! Sorry but I haven't had the time to make a demo build yet. Hope to make one soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Hey LJ10, I was thinking on this some more last night. I think what might be happening is that you don't have 7zip on your computer so when you click the compressed file, it take you to a place to get it. Maybe that's amazon in this case. I've update the download files with a folder that uses the normal Windows compression format. You can try to give that a download and see if it works. The file will be called Hope that works. All the best.

Have you dug down into the earth at all? There are more resource below for you to find. Different ores and such. You will then have ingot recipes you can make at your Foundry with this which opens up more crafting.

Oh, strange. I have no clue how that could be happening. I'm very sorry for this issue. Itch requires you to contact to request a refund and they usually respond within a day.

Hey there! Great question. I'm holding off on making the steam version public until the bug count and performance is where I want it. I don't anticipate this taking too long, but right now it's just not ready. Also, I'd rather not promise a steam key unless I'm certain that I can actually provide one. Steam isn't the friendliest when it comes to guaranteeing keys with third party services. Lastly, you should know that the itch copy will have everything the steam copy will have. I'll be updating both equally. In fact, the itch copy will be cheaper because itch doesn't have a 30% cut. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience. I totally understand where you're coming from. Hope to provide the steam build soon. Thanks.