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Lone Knight [Halloween Demo up now!]

A topic by T Allen Studios created Sep 15, 2017 Views: 970 Replies: 22
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Thanks for checking out this Dev Log! It's my first original project, and as such it was going to be very small. However due to some of you awesome players and community members I have decided to continue working on the game. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the game from the ground up with influence from the Dark Souls series (primarily referencing it's some of it's combat mechanics). Because of this, when I reach a later development stage, the game will be uploaded to a new game page and the old (current) version will remain available on it's page.


The Lone Knight is an action adventure which takes place in beautiful low poly environments. Currently these environments include a dimly lit forest, a harsh desert, and a bright and beautiful snowy landscape. The game features a combat system (currently being overhauled) and a variety of enemies. There are also NPCs and miscellaneous objects throughout these environments which use a dialogue system which allows the player to gain insight to the world in which they are adventuring.

(game story not yet developed, will be expanded some time in the hopefully near future)


  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux!


  • Unity 5


  • I am currently working with a level designer and a composer on the full game. The models are from Synty Studios.


Most Recent Visuals

Final Note

I love to hear from players and community members, let me know what you think of my game! You guys are the reason I decided to begin overhauling the game to make it something more than what it currently is!

The snow scene is approaching completion! Here's some screenshots!

A Helpful NPCGuardians of the Mountain Pass 

Very exciting news! Found a fantastic pack of animations to replace the majority of my self made ones. This really adds to the games look and feel. These replaced animations include:

  • new walking animation
  • new run animation
  • new injured animations
  • new death animation
  • new enemy combat idle animation

These new animations will be available at the same time as the snow level! I'm hoping to have that update out within the next couple days!

Our First Update At Last!

It's been just over a week since The Last Knight was made available for download, and so far it has been downloaded near a 100 times. This may not seem like much, but for my first game I have been stoked thus far. So, here is what is in the update!

  • The Snow Level - Another great low poly level for our knight protagonist to explore, the level features open areas, a castle ruin, mountain pass, and.. well snow of course! The level isn't as large as I was considering making it, but I may go back and extend it at a later time.
  • New Animations - In the original downloads, all of the animations were done by myself. While I was proud of this, I of course realize that their quality was mediocre at best. I was lucky enough to find a great pack of free animations to implement into the game. These new anims include: walk, run, combat idle, hit, and death.
  • Menu Scene + UI - While this point is minuscule, I'd still like to mention it. There are a couple changes to the menu scene layout as well as color and transparency edits to the menu UI. It is my personal opinion that the menu is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you for reading! Please download the update and provide me feedback!

The Lone Knight Updated

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Since putting out the last update college has started back up and I've also worked on a couple other game projects, but I intend to get another update out sometime soon. And what will this update consist of???

  1. Animations - more quality animations including two handed sword anims for the enemy knights. And while I'm at that...
  2. New weapon types - enemy soldiers and raiders with pitch forks, swords, axes, scythes, great axes, etc. How's that sound? Let me know what you'd like to see!
  3. BETTER/NEW COMBAT SYSTEM like that of Dark Souls with the ability to lock onto enemies!!!

Working on a new animation system/player controller before the dark souls like combat system!

Dude this looks cool! What price range are you aiming for optimally, this looks like something I would actually play lol

Thanks so much! I'm not really sure honestly it started off as my first original project and I was just gonna put it up for free (like it is now), but once the dark souls like combat system is done and I revamp most everything else I may put a price on it. Likely won't be much if I do decide to make it paid. Please be sure to subscribe to this topic or follow my page for future updates!

Just followed your page! I should definitely give your game a try sometime soon. Is there a questing system or a campaign?
By the way, if you are willing to give my latest Dev Log a look it would be much appreciated, also, but that is entirely up to you.


At this time there isn't really any winning conditions, just multiple scenes to explore and fight enemies. There are NPC's with dialogue but no way to actually progress with them at this time. I think after reworking the combat and player controller in general I will take a look at things like questing, as well as an inventory.

Also, checked out your dev log! Looks pretty good, I like your art. I gave you a follow and subscribed to your dev log!

Thanks dude I really appreciate that!
But yeah I feel like once you get a sense of progression place in your game people will certainly be much willing to spend money on it. The graphics are beautiful enough already for sure.

The Lone Knight now has it's own discussion board! See it here:

As for a development update, I already have completed the dark souls like lock on system! Now I'm still finishing work on the player controller and input handling, but here's something else that is already done... ROLLING! Not only can you lock on to enemies but you can also evade their attacks, this will hopefully bring a feeling of challenge to the game as players can use skill to overcome tough enemies. I also am learning to use Unity's terrain tools which will result in a great enhancement as far as level design is concerned.

Keep an eye out for future updates, and thank you for following this project. I would love to here YOUR thoughts and feedback in the comments below or on the discussion board!!!

Here's a visual to show the progress with the souls-like combat and controller!

Added functionality to weapons (can damage and kill enemies), wrote the base code for enemy interaction, and have been continuing to learn how to get the most out of Unity's terrain game object (texture painting, and molding heights, etc.), also have begun to import models and set up prefabs. Can't wait to share more once I've got a nice demo scene completed!

Also, I want to mention that since I am completely overhauling the game.. I will at some point start a new devlog since I'll be considering this it's own project and will be looking at the original Lone Knight as a prototype.

Beginning to Import Models to Prep for Level Design

Looks very interesting :)

Thank you very much!

Here's a couple more screenshots from the level designing process:

I just finished the lock-on system for enemies, and have begun working on character stats and a simple temporary UI. I've also put some more models together and created prefabs to later speed up the level design process... and I played a bit with said models to put the environment you see below together :) Let me know what you guys think! 

Here's a couple GIFs to show off the lock on system, as well as two handed capability:

Enemy AI done and starting work on the overhauled game's first environment!

Hey guys I'm aiming to have a standalone demo made available on Halloween! Here's some screenshots!

The Halloween demo is coming tomorrow!

Halloween demo is available now!