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When Flash goes away in 2020, what games/animations are you going to miss?

A topic by rickEofC created Sep 05, 2017 Views: 293 Replies: 10
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I made a similar topic on Reddit and got some responses but I wanted to see what my Itch,io friends think. Flash was a classic tool of the old school web and think about the nostalgia you get playing Fred's Adventure, Crush the Castle, or many others. I know animation can be uploaded to Youtube but is it really the same as the character flash had? So What games/shorts are you guys going to miss and might like to be seen redone in new technology (html5 or an engine)?


Red Rogue immediately springs to mind as a Flash game worth preserving. And if the developer is still around, that shouldn't be a problem, as the Flash IDE already exports to HTML5. But a lot of historical Flash content is old and abandoned, and open source interpreters never came close to replacing the official one.

I unfortunately never got to play it and now I'd need to switch browsers haha. But you know what I'm talking about Flash games, some of them, had such a huge impact on the current indie scene!


I wouldn't be surprised if we have a fully functional SWF runtime that is built in JavaScript in the near future, so I'm not too concerned about things disappearing forever.

See I'm more inclined to say that HTML5 might take on some kind of support for it over JS (maybe both :)  ) but you're right but it still won't feel quite the same but I guess it never can again you know? Everyone is a kid once I'm probably just looking at flash through nostalgia glasses.

Tools have a tendancy to never really die, so much as become niche. There's already been some chatter about preservation and renewed interest in emulators since the announcement, even a petition for flash to be open sourced. Like leafo said, its probably going to linger for quite some time.

Other good flash games were Pico's School, and most of Tom Fulp's other work which allowed him to continue his dream of making animations/games you know? Cool Stuff.


I'd be really sad about losing Nitrome... They had some great games.

And sites like Newgrounds, AlbinoBlackSheep, etc. Losing them all would blow! Maybe someday they'll be run in an emulator in browser lol


I think there are already ongoing efforts to do things like that. :P

I know! And I hope they work out! it would really suck to end up back here after they end of life "their" flash emulator lol