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Game delisted despite not being so in settings, Worried about missing day 1 sales

A topic by SR 16 created 53 days ago Views: 89 Replies: 5
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Hi Itch,

My game, is delisted in your store/search functions (I've tried different accounts, windows, devices, etc), despite definitely not being delisted in settings. I'm very worried I've lost most of my day 1 sales already.

I then deleted the project and made an exact copy of it, posting that, but I'm having the exact same issue again, I have also made sure I meet all indexing criteria, and have images attached to show this.

Sorry and thanks.

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First time seller accounts must have their page reviewed before it shows up on search and browse pages (described in Getting Indexed). Typically will happen within a day, but may sometimes take longer if there’s an influx of new content. Your page is otherwise fully functional, as noted on the Getting Indexed page, people can visit your page, buy it, find it on your profile, follow you to receive updates, etc.

Once we’ve seen you before though there generally isn’t any additional review necessary for new products you publish before they are indexed. At the time of me posting, your page is fully indexed, and since you deleted the other page I can’t see what, if any, holdup there was.

Hope that helps


You published the project less than an hour ago. It usually takes a day or maybe two for a project to get indexed. It can take longer during weekends and bank holidays.

My only concern about your project is that it only offers 2 PDF files for download. Maybe that’s why it was de-indexed initially? I’ll mention it to an admin, in case that was the problem.

Thanks so much! The 2 pdf files are that one is the rulebook, one is a small card to reference during play, if that helps.


Your game wasn't delisted. It's still pending admin review. As pointed out above, it's been up for less than an hour as of this writing, and it can take 1-2 business days. Until an admin can get to it, please advertise your game however you like. The page is public, and accepts payments, so you can already make sales.

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Thanks, sorry i was really worried I'm just glad I haven't let down reviewers, wishlisters, etc, the review thing is completely understandable.

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