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Mastapiece BAYBEE

love it!


Hiya Attack Cat Games! As the judge's favourite (selected by TTRPG factory), you have earned a cool prize! I've emailed it over to you through the message section of your website, but if you prefer you can check the updated jam page for ways to contact me through social media about receiving it.

Hiya Watt! As the overall winner of the jam you have earned some great prizes, check the updated jam page for ways to contact me about receiving them.


Quad Pro Quo community · Created a new topic great!

good gsame


looks great!

74 pages for free? You're fab.

love this!

nice! First submission in


Yeah I did make the art, thanks. Thanks for participating in the jam! I'll look forward to seeing your contribution

Thanks so much! It means alot.

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In 4 days, the space street game jam is gonna launch! 

This is a great first step into game design, or relaxing jam for veterans, as its tabletop and therefore requires NO CODE WHATSOEVER

It'll be a 2 week jamming period with a 1 week ranking period, including some pretty epic prizes (check the jam page for details). Submissions must be at-least a little related to tabletop games and usable with the free space street RPG. (using an existing system like space street as a base is often an ideal starting point).

We also have our own discord, which gives you 3 free games just for joining. It's a great way for someone to introduce themselves or a friend to game design in a low-risk fashion, and we have some public domain art sources and book design programs for people who are lost for where to start.

Spread the word to friends and gamers with even a passing interest in game design!

You can join our discord over at:


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I'd love you to! As long as its available for free, send me a link to the itch page (or other store page) for it when you're done and I'll link it here (you can get to me via this comment thread, twitter, reddit, or discord). Feel free to experiment with you're own graphic design and optional rules if you so desire. I like the look of arcana magna!

glad someone thinks so XD.

great stuff!

I get subtle FNV vibes, nice

wonderful graphic design!

brill! :)

Really happy there's a setting out there trying to move cyberpunk past the 80s.

I really don't want to see cyberpunk go the way of the western which was largely lost after Vietnam shifted the cultural landscape, and it never really recovered in film and cinema.

Amazing art and design imo

Love the art style!

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caught me just at the right time 2 (playing alot of paradox interactive grand strategy stuff rn)

A wonderful intersection of TTRPG and grand stratergy



-Through real letters/conversation

-Play wherever you want, in a lake, a ship, a home, a box, as long as you are writing letters to a partner / conversing with a partner as if you were its fine.

-Anywhere, as long as the partner is human. Try reddit.

-When it reaches it's natural narrative conclusion, when does a film end? when does a book end? When it's reached an appropriate narrative finale, or maybe never, if you prefer.

This is a TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game), you play through real correspondance. As for if it is really left without enough info, the rules were really written for someone familiar with such games already, so its more just not enough for you, not its target audience (not to say you shouldn't play).

It is also in the "physical games section" on the store, so its not abnormal to be downloadable rules/books not a program. But its understandable that this is confusing to you.

A program is merely one way of experiencing a story or game, equally it can be done through a board, through conversation, through letters, or even through reading something on your own.


Heya, my game, space street, has just launched and has actually managed to pick up alot more popularity after a saddening launch (we're on the up now!), its got its own discord, and you gain 3 free games just for joining (you don't have to play the game to join), one of which you can see attached. So feel free to join our discord and pick up 3 games!

You can check out the game the discord is for here:
Please note these are tabletop games that are not played only through an app or browser, they are also rulesets.

Thanks! It's a TTRPG, meaning like DnD, its played through conversation. Your comment is helpful.

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Hi guys, I've posted the new game yesterday, and just put it on sale today for 75% off.

I've picked up 3 reviews, all of which were fairly positive, have invaded the tabletop reddit community, and now have put the game on sale, because despite having over 220 views, I have a grand total of 1 purchase... Is there anything wrong with my product page? Is there some egregious typo ruining everything? What is the single and easy to blame issue here, because God I want something to fix here. I'm puzzled as to why I have so many views and so few purchases, any feedback is much appreciated.

You can catch my game for 75% off at, for just £1.25.

Hello itch!

 I’ve finished my first priced game, space street, along with a discord community, and will launch on drivethrurpg later this week. I thought you might be curious about what I felt was good about the system’s mechanics, and what I might go back and change or add in a supplement.

 You can find my game at:, it’s currently on a 75% of sale for just £1.25, catch it while you can!

 I think the good part about the system is how it handles clues and investigation, a big part of the sci-fi film noir setting combination. We’ve all had that 5e sherlock game where the session stalls to a grinding halt because of a failed investigation check. In this game, similar to gumshoe, you automatically find any clues.

 What I didn’t like about gumshoe (not that I dislike the gumshoe this is very much a subjective issue) is that I didn’t feel like what I rolled had a big enough impact on how I interpret the clue. I decided I would accept the basic premise of gumshoe (that an investigative game is not about finding clues, but interpreting them) along with the premise of dnd investigation checks (that higher rolls will be more beneficial).

 I decided that based on how high you roll, you will be able to ask a certain amount of questions for the GM, who will answer in a way that works with what your characters could find out. For example, Deck, a rough and tumble investigator with a cybernetic eye and a big fedora, finds a black marble bird statue, and rolls a 4, so he can ask the GM 2 questions about it:


Deck: Okay, I ask if the falcon has any historical importance.

GM: You know from a childhood history lesson it was unearthed from an old Egyptian tomb in the 20thcentury.

Deck: Okay… erm… Is it stolen? No nevermind… why is it here?

GM: It’s here because the syndicate is going to give it to someone, you know because there’s some wrapping paper next to it.


I like how I did this mechanic because I feel it makes the players engage with information and seek out information they’re interested in, rather than being told information, the players take an active role in revealing the mystery through the mechanics. That being said, it comes with the risk the GM will be unable to give a good answer and immersion might break.

 However, I’d say my biggest regret is not including more character creation rules in the game, I think in my desire to make the game more accessible, I threw away too much that the game would of benefited from. This partly comes from my history of making more one-page TTRPGs which need simpler rulesets than space street.

 For example, I think Deck would be a cooler character if their player were able to actually give them a cybernetic eye in their rules, rather than it purely being Deck’s appearance, I’d also include some more rules in general, just to flesh out certain aspects.

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You can now catch space street for just £1.25, thats a wonderfully illustrated 13 page TTRPG for just £1.25!

Even before the sale we've been told in a review "Is Space Street worth the money? Heck yeah," from geeknative. This game is a TTRPG (think Dungeons and Dragons), with a Games Master and players, with innovative investigation mechanics that let you engage with the film noir scifi setting.

"Is Space Street Worth the Money? Heck yeah... I hope the investigation rules are an eye-opener for many." - Geeknative

"They've got a very solid foundation: the 1920's noir cyberpunk mashup."      - RPGgamer

"The game carries this unique, interesting, and stylistic art theme throughout." - TTRPG Factory