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tiny computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games · By Nesbox

Full screen button

A topic by egordorichev created Aug 18, 2017 Views: 447 Replies: 6
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Could you please add full screen button to your web version on, please?


F11 fullscreens it

It full screens page, but not the tic80.


It fullscreens the tic-80 for me if it has mouse focus, works in Chrome and Firefox at least.

Also, there is no f11 on chromebook. There is full screen button, that just full screens the web page.


Use Alt+Enter then :)

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Same issue here. Using Chromebook, and using Chrome browser on Mac, I can't get fullscreen, at least from the page on, or from the page. I've tried ALT+ENTER and F11, neither works.