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You will likely need a separate ARM build for Raspberry Pi. Even though it's using the same kind of CPU (ARM), it's a different computer. Just like how Windows and Mac and Linux need separate builds, even though they all run on the same CPU (Intel).

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Creating and returning a table with attributes is no problem.

function make()
    return { a=1, b=2 }

Remember to assign it to a variable.

t = make()

Accessing those attributes is easy.

result = t.a + t.b

When you say t.a you're really saying the string key 'a', so it's equivalent to t['a'].

In Lua, you can also index by number (e.g. using tables like arrays, full or sparse) or by boolean (true or false). So t[1] or t[3.14159] or t[true] or t[false].

You can also index by table or by function, in which case Lua uses the identity of the table or function (so each is unique, even if they have the same contents). You can do t[make] or even t[t].

The only thing you cannot index by is nil. That is illegal.

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Same issue here. Using Chromebook, and using Chrome browser on Mac, I can't get fullscreen, at least from the page on, or from the page. I've tried ALT+ENTER and F11, neither works.

Glad you enjoyed! I learned a lot making them.

Wow, really interesting. A neat little journey.

Sweet! I really dig Slugs, and the middle of Plumbing is well done.

I want to make music like this.

So happy, yet so sad.

Nice I like it.

Oh man. Very nice!

Beginning really sets the tone for epic-ness and emotion. Could be cinematic.

Guitars in the second part turn it into a different song, different feeling, heightened tension.

Third part has good feeling. Flute is plaintive and mournful, with just a taste of hope and beckoning.

Fourth part with guitars reminds me of I Made a Game With Zombies In It. The feeling I guess.

Fifth part could be creepy at night. Is something under the bed or in the closet?


Thanks for listening, if I ever re-record those demos, I think they could be really cool.

I think we have a winner. An entire EP of energetic songs.

I'd like to know how you do the drum tracks etc.

I do dig me some Raekwon. But yeah the beats are dope.

How very primeval. Or alien. Or paranormal.

Jesus, Good Dog is good. So NES-y. Wait, a bit like C-64 too, so a bit SID-y.

Screen is like the heartbeat of some broken hearted machine.

Closed City makes me imagine jazz in a factory.

Horizon Ring has a sweet beat and a weird kind of insistency.

Dead seems a bit like a track I might find in Fez.

Thanks man!

Yeah that's what I'm talking about.

I really really like it.

Sweet. I like the stereo separation in Laces. Flag Tastes is a disorienting dream (nightmare?). Were Chains could be an interesting ringtone. Fringes is pretty trippy.

I'm lovin' it!

Glad you're digging it!