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Glad you enjoyed! I learned a lot making them.

Wow, really interesting. A neat little journey.

Sweet! I really dig Slugs, and the middle of Plumbing is well done.

I want to make music like this.

So happy, yet so sad.

Nice I like it.

Oh man. Very nice!

Beginning really sets the tone for epic-ness and emotion. Could be cinematic.

Guitars in the second part turn it into a different song, different feeling, heightened tension.

Third part has good feeling. Flute is plaintive and mournful, with just a taste of hope and beckoning.

Fourth part with guitars reminds me of I Made a Game With Zombies In It. The feeling I guess.

Fifth part could be creepy at night. Is something under the bed or in the closet?


Thanks for listening, if I ever re-record those demos, I think they could be really cool.

I think we have a winner. An entire EP of energetic songs.

I'd like to know how you do the drum tracks etc.

I do dig me some Raekwon. But yeah the beats are dope.

How very primeval. Or alien. Or paranormal.

Jesus, Good Dog is good. So NES-y. Wait, a bit like C-64 too, so a bit SID-y.

Screen is like the heartbeat of some broken hearted machine.

Closed City makes me imagine jazz in a factory.

Horizon Ring has a sweet beat and a weird kind of insistency.

Dead seems a bit like a track I might find in Fez.

Thanks man!

Yeah that's what I'm talking about.

I really really like it.

Sweet. I like the stereo separation in Laces. Flag Tastes is a disorienting dream (nightmare?). Were Chains could be an interesting ringtone. Fringes is pretty trippy.

I'm lovin' it!

Glad you're digging it!