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Build on Raspberry Pi 3

A topic by Son Link created Oct 19, 2017 Views: 645 Replies: 3
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Hi. I tray to build TIC-80 for mi Raspberry Pi 3. I download the last release (0.46.0) for ARM, but return Semegtation fault. I try to build from source code, but return many times this message:

selected processor does not support ARM mode `dmb ish'

Any idea how to fix this error?

I use RetroPie 4.2, based on Raspbian Jessie. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, I don't know. I build ARM version directly on PocketCHIP

You will likely need a separate ARM build for Raspberry Pi. Even though it's using the same kind of CPU (ARM), it's a different computer. Just like how Windows and Mac and Linux need separate builds, even though they all run on the same CPU (Intel).

and seeing that you’re trying to run tic-80 from retropie, how do you have tic-80 entry in es_systems.cfg file? (emulationstation)