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for msxdev compo it was, but eventually i might improve it (like adding sound and etc.), i just don't know when...

it seems that it doesn't run on Wine... (on GNU/Linux)

the development is still very in the beginning, it still has no events management, no bgm, etc...

made on godot? plz consider sharing more builds, like for gnu/linux... 

at least i can see it fine: 

exactly! thanks! :) 

thanks! long time i don't submit anything here at, and forgot almost everything as well! :D 

i submitted right now, but i can't find it - how can we see them?  (it's terrible when we have adhd... :D )

Swordquest Airworld would be really cool! ;) 

thanks!  :) 

the character set named as speccy.char is from zx80 and zx81, not zx-spectrum - zx-spectrum is ascii7 based (undercase and everything)

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a rotação da nave podia ter um movimento mais suave como os usados nos jogos de arcade dos anos 80 e 90, usei isso num dos jogos que tenho cá no, o código é simples

Sergio Moro simulator? where is Tacla Durán, Banestado, etc.?

snibbetracker community · Created a new topic stuck on wine

gets stuck on wine, and i can't find a native gnu/linux version as well

thanks! only now i'm seeing this message, shame on me! :D 

thanks, i'll take a look - btw, the link you shared is a 404 page, do you have it hosted somewhere else too?

thanks! :) 

you're welcome - i don't know how possible is to read gamepad and keyboard simultaneously in a similar way (just like konami games for msx) - the keypads i tested were those generic usb from chinese bazaars, working fine on 

really cool, but how can we play it? (i got no interaction from gamepad or keyboard)

where did you make these games? amos? blitz-basic? assembly?

thanks! :)  (btw, i only tried native gnu/linux versions of atom and vscode/vscodium )

since 80's i preferred wasd keys

thanks! i'll try to fix "Plumas e Sardinhas" asap! ;)

thanks for the feedback, fehse! i never tried other electron apps, where could i find them? anyway, making it more multiplatform that could ease the support on other operating systems (gnu/linux included) would be really great, thanks! :)  and about wine, "misconfigurations" are not used to influence that much, there are mostly recent stuff using recent libraries (or versions of them) that are used to not work fine on wine (due on lack of enough testing, reporting and improvement in the whole iteration development process)

published a new version of it - no errors appeared on the previous version here (Ubuntu 20.04 amd64 (GNU/Linux), Python 2.7.18rc1, Pygame 1.9.6 ) - perhaps the error appeared there because you're using Python 3.x, or other operating system?

is it supposed to be a blank screen? - - i'm trying to run it on Ubuntu 20.04 amd64, Wine 5.0

thanks! this game was developed long time ago, no surprise updates on python and pygame would affect it... :D

considering it is open, why only windoze is supported? and who can help porting it to gnu/linux, osx, bsd, haiku, solaris/indiana, etc.? 

"Mac" you mean MacOS-X (or OSX), isn't it?

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i'm trying to run it on Wine as well (GNU/Linux operating system, Ubuntu distribution) - the editor window appears blank - are there any plans to have it native on GNU/Linux, OSX, and other operating systems? or is anyone here skilled enough for helping us on that?

please be cool marking this game as GNU/Linux compatible as well! ;) 

i'm trying to run on wine, commands don't respond...

made on Unity, and lacking GNU/Linux and MacOS-X builds? :S 

feito em unity e build só para ruindows? e as builds para gnu/linux e osx?

demo runs fine on mame

thanks! (anyway i'm not often seeing twitter, i were way more when it was text-only and rss-friendly years ago)

since most of Godot users, like me, never heard about Godot Wild Jam, wouldn't it be great spreading about it at, and other places (social networks and etc.)?

missing GNU/Linux version

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i never had respawn issues on Godot - perhaps my very humble and noob experiments might be unexpectedly and accidentally useful?  - 

why it automatically closes after falling? (i'm using the gnu/linux amd64 version)