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Lord of the Beer

A topic by blackbones created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 462 Replies: 13
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For our first game jam we focus on an old idea. You control a dwarf who must defend his barrel of beer against orc, goblin, troll.

We use Unity 3D as engine. A camera render to a texture target with the mandatory size (64x64) and we use a basic UI object to draw the texture to screen.

[03 August 2017]

  • we start the project
  • we are Blackbones and we are 3 (1 designer, 1 artist and 1 coder)
  • the dwarf can walk left and right
  • parallax scrolling

Great style, look forward to seeing it in action!

Looks interesting. Can the dwarf drink from the barrel to recover health ? :p

This idea was in our old concept but we don't keep it now, maybe to "balance" the gameplay later

My first thought as well.

I like the concept.

Great concept. Looking forward to seeing more about the game mechanics and how it all shapes up.

[05 August 2017]

  • add animation for the dwarf (run and attack)
  • first iteration of the shop
  • code what we need to use bitmap font
  • sprites for some traps
  • add a basic title screen

love the graphics, can't wait to play :)

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The shop seems a little out of place, I think you could tie that into the aesthetic a lot more, and avoid the black fade. And gosh, you just reminded me I need to write the bitmap font stuff as well, HTML5 Canvas can't do non-blurry fonts, AT ALL. >.<

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Thanks for your return. We will think about the shop but we need the functionality rapidly :)

Good luck for your non-blurry fonts!

[06 August 2017]

  • new shop, directly incorporated in the world (not a window over)
  • new system to place traps
  • the barrel has a quantity of beer
  • start to work on traps system (spades, bear traps, dangerous water, ...)
  • new monster: troll
  • add some sounds
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First footage of basic gameplay. I make a youtube video to have sounds and music

We are so far away to finish :)

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We submitted the current version :

Maybe osx and linux version before the end of the countdown :)