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I love the graphics, gameplay is pretty cool aswell :)

I'm not sure you can call it prerendered, the way that I'm doing it. Here is an article explaining the method if you are interessted:

You can see my game if you want in the devlog forums, my game is called Animal Express.

Very cute game! :)

A little fiddly some times, but it's charming for the short time i played.

I couldn't seem to make a snowman composed of 3 snowballs. I'm guessing it was just built that way, but i was surprised when it didn't work to attach a third one.

wow, that snowman game looks really neat!

I'll try it later when i have time.

I was a bit worried the resolution would make it impossible to see anything, but it seems to be working out ok. I tried 128x128 and it's probably my favorit way to have it.

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You can now run around with your player, i just added some lerp to the camera and it feels pretty nice :)

love the graphics, can't wait to play :)

I'm usig Love2D with magicavoxel and vox2png, to create a 3D style game.

I didn't plan to use love2d, i made a really small prototype in it, and i was suprised how quick you can get stuff done. It'll probably be my goto gamejam engine.

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Oh my, the codebase is a mess, but I'm getting stuff done wich is all that matter and it work just fine ;)

What's new:

  • You can now enter the train and ride away with it
  •  New carts behind the train
  • the railway scales to infinity



For some reason I got really excited to work with fake 3d in a pure 2d world,
here's a gif of a test I did:

Pretty cool huh! ( Dinosaur and deer is from the voxel editor I'm using MagicaVoxel, I don't intend to use them)

Okay, so I need an idea... hmm, let me just make random models and see what idea's will spark after...
I have a Train, Deer, Dinasour, Tree, Flower and a Pig...
The train looks pretty cool...
Animal Express!

Right now the basic idea is to capture animals in the wild,
bring them back to the train, then go somewhere.

yeah, it's not a complete idea yet, but it's a start...
Let's see what it evolves into!

Here is a gif of the current state: