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If a game takes up little space it is not known that it is short ...

A topic by PCDear.ent.games created 18 days ago Views: 65 Replies: 2
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Do not be fooled by appearances. If you are watching a game and the corresponding archive file is very small, eg. 1MB, it is not always said that the game you could download is short, or with poor graphics.

For example, I developed a video-game, BounceB-Revenge, which occupies just 1 MB but is very complex and long by finish, and with good graphics.
In defining the levels I used a mapping technique similar to that used by JPeg file compressors, which allows you to define rectangular, stackable, and renderable pieces in real time.


Hey, I grew up with 30K games you could play for months on end. Elite, Lords of Midnight, The Sentinel...


To me smaller files are always better since a smaller file is usually more optimized. My computer is complete garbage and a more optimized and smaller game will usually run a lot better. Plus my internet is pretty slow as well so smaller files download a lot faster.