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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Galimulator 3.9 BETA uploaded

A topic by snoddasmannen created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 1,538 Replies: 41
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Hi everyone, I've just uploaded 3.9 beta builds! These are beta builds, expect them to be buggy, do not use them if you feel uncomfortable at the sight of bugs! Here's the changelog:

  • Procedurally generated land maps available
  • A new ship, a new artifact and a new monster
  • Move stars, and modify connections between stars, in sandbox
  • Create and modify Alliances in sandbox
  • The option of using Earth based (and optionally single identifier) empire names in all galaxies
  • Experimental support for "pinch" rotation of the galaxy :O
  • Did I fix that typo? I don't even remember

I'd love to get shoutouts from everyone who tries this - to let me know if works, and what you think of it. I'll start checking off platforms below :)


Is it on smartphone or just on PC? How to enable the beta?



On PC, just grab the builds labelled beta here on

On Android, go here:

Yes you did fix the typo and I really like it it gets better every update keep working on this awesome game


Thank you! :) You are on Windows, am I right?

Yes I am on windows why


Well you are testing it right? I need to know where it is that it's working :)


Yes its working

I've had a play around with it and it seems to be working fine :D


Nice! What platform are you on? Windows? Mac? Linux?

Windows :D, I'm really liking the direction that you're taking with the generated land maps.  I tried my best to break the game by moving stars around to strange places or by creating strange links, but it seems to be rock solid. Keep up the great work!


Nice, thank you :)

I generated a land map and I noticed this link between two places, is this intended? I used the perlin algorithm. (Windows) 

Also another "bug" that i've noticed in the last few versions is that an empire will "originate" in multiple stars across the map at the same time, is this intended?

I also encountered this, but it's probably intended.


It's the most confusing and uintuitive feature in the game, the "Separate rebellions" feature, that does this. I may just remove it ...


It may do this sometimes. Can you give me the seed of the map?

Add a way to reset map rotation, please.


You are referring to the Android version or the PC version? If you disable map rotation as of the very latest beta, it will reset.

Android version.

Its great, but on my windows, I have a problem (with ALL versions of Galimulator), whenever I try to type an exact size of a galaxy, or name an empire. the game freezes, then when it starts working again, the create your empire/galaxy box "crashes". any help?

Same thing with making alliances, and other things you have to type in. it works just fine on my Android, but i would love to be able to play it on my PC.


That sucks, it's using a built in function in the game framework I'm using (libgdx) to get text input from the platform. It works for me, and apparently (hopefully) most other users on Windows, so I'm not sure what is going on with this for you. Which version of windows are you using?

One thing to be on the lookout for is the magic key input window, it may be small and hiding behind the Galimulator window. Try Alt-Tabbing to find it.

Im using a Windows 7, and i tried Alt-Tabbing, if the magic key input is the thing you type in, i get that, but there isnt anything else besides the galimulator window, and the "enter (whatever) size/name", but after i enter in the number, or name the game freezes, and then it closes the tab it was in.

You can command the Tentaprrentice ship in observe mode, like you can with space oddities, is this intended?


Cool, not really intended, but let's keep that :)

PLEASE add an option to select individual stars when you paint a galaxy! with that, i will be able to finally make a complete earth scenario!


Good suggestion! I've added this to the mobile version for 3.9, let's see if I do another PC build as well.

Found a trade ship stuck on a star cut off by a wormhole disruptor. Shouldn't they disappear in that case? 


Well it will start moving again once the star is restored.

R.I.P Trade Ship

Kinda irrelevant, but I found a frigate named "Fecal".

Darn i love the name generation

You could make the dynasty leaderboards scrollable so you can see all of them and not only the top 10

(On mobile) Whenever I try to "enter exact figure" when generating a galaxy, the on-screen keyboard appears, and the window with the "generate galaxy" button closes itself, making it impossible to actually enter a galaxy size. this was also hapenning in previous versions.


interesting! What device and Android version do you have?

I have the NVidia shield NK1 gaming tablet and android 7.0. The tablet also has a version of the "SHIELD tablet software version", tell me incase you need that one too. And also, thanks for trying to help me! :D


After much delaying, the release is finally final - thank you very much for your help everyone! :)

How do I install I cant find the files


3.9 was released so beta is gone!

Hey how does onw get rid of a  seeper of sloth in sandbox mode

You can't. It's invincible.