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We should create our reglion but randomize too

ok just wondering

The update is taking forever whats going on are ya busy

Cause Maybe I hate some Specials or like some specials and maybe I want a world where aggressive empires rise only


I did but it did not work lol

I want to add like a allow or disallow special so like for example: aggressive and militant you only allow in the galaxy they will appear if not it wont appear at all unless you change it

Yep that pls if you could do it

what you mean isn it like random earths where its the whole planet land

Its like Random Continents but it with all continents and like earth the whole world it would be cool 

ik this was before it came out

Yes its working

Yes I am on windows why

Yes you did fix the typo and I really like it it gets better every update keep working on this awesome game

Since the update came out on Tablet when is it gonna come on PC

Oh good


I loves remove stars too then it will have the realistic earth like

Can you make a beta of Galimulator 3.9 like you did with 3.8

No like I cant name the Empire or name how many stars for my empire it disappears

And I think you spelled Ilncumbent wrong

Also When I try Doing Create a empire when I write how many stars and name my empire it disappears

Thats because it has the cult trait


But are you adding like 3,000 stars

I watched your youtube video where you had 20,000 stars are you adding that for the next update

When I pressed a letter (IDK what letter) Those yellow dots idk what they are for help

It would be global at a given time

For the Background on Earth can you change it to the background Europe has that one is better

The effect is thati want the era to be global

Galimulator community · Created a new topic Eras

Can you make Eras for example bronze age would be he start of empires and middle ages would be age of war or reinassance the age of technology like effects to the game for tech gets advance faster one age or just war for one age time milliuiem

Galimulator community · Created a new topic Religions

if we could see the beliefs these empires believe and religion wars and religionous ships to send their religion everywhere


just 1 simple thing can we name our ships for example (Imperial Ship the Great)

Can we change the color of the dyanties and when we make a dynasty

what if we could see what is happening in the empires and see if anything important happening there besides battles

can I join beta for pc please

ok :D

just wondering how I could join beta

Galimulator community · Created a new topic Plauges

I thought of this idea

If a empire has a plague it will get weaken and people inside it will get sick and it will spread over the empire and when it ends it cured or everyone in it died from the plague and the empire dies and if the plague in the empire 1 it can spread to other empires