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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Galimulator 4.0 BETA uploaded

A topic by snoddasmannen created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 1,382 Replies: 43
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Hey guys, Galimulator 4.0 beta is out! Please give it a try, let me know how it works, what platform you are on, what shoe size you have, etc etc. Changelog:

  •  Diplomacy between empires added
  •  Custom empire number limit
  • Smatter self replicating machines and another strange monster
  • Make peace or war in sandbox mode
  • Lock membership to alliances
  • Faster and more reliable loading and saving of land maps
  • General simulation performance improvements
  • Slight nerf of tentacle monsters

I accidentally deleted it and lost my monsters and ships. Oh well, I guess I have to wait around and collect them all over again.

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Uh oh. Neutral has the "Fanatic" special. This will be fun.

EDIT: Seems like nothing happened. Bug averted.

EDIT2: Democracies still seem to have "Emperors", and not "Presidents".


Ah right, I'll try to fix that up.

It appears empires that merge with another no longer print a "we are defeated" line.  Is this deliberate?  Maybe it could be an option, or read something like "We bow to another after xx millennia.  At most held..."


Hmmm, I'll check this out, thanks.

Since posting I've seen it in other cases, sorry.  It happened early in the galaxy's history, which makes me think that the empire that merged was simply too small/insignificant to get a "death" line.  

Also, for me (windows 10 64bit), having a menu on settings (e.g. Emperor Difficulty) makes it impossible to click any other menu until you select an option (including the current setting).  Also, clicking elsewhere in the menu window doesn't close it with the current option, as I'd expect for a dropdown menu.  


OK duly noted, UI is not my strong suite, you may have to live with this one :)

Sorry for the spam.  One more observation: I spotted at least one neutral frigate.  Previously, only hunters and monsters were neutral.  Do defeated empire navies now become neutral?  Taking up the pirate life arguably makes more sense than self-destructing. 

I'm not sure about being defeated, but when a captain is rebellious, they decide to turn on their empire. Yes, even when part of a massive fleet, with predictable results.


Yes, they have probably rebelled. As you say grisha5, it's not a great move when you are in the middle of a fleet, but who are we to question their lust for freedom :)

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There's the occurence I call the "Marauder Train". The Marauders all spawn in the same position and follow the same movement pattern, so if many are spawned in a quick succession, there will be a large train of destruction that spews missiles everywhere while traversing long connections. I urge you not to remove this, it's hilarious.


Haha :) Marauders are a bit special, since they are one of the few who have a cheap but rather poor path finding algorithm. Most units do it properly, but Marauders will have to double back, try again etc etc. I definitely won't remove it, nice catch :)

Dropships will repeatedly attempt to capture stars with a Smatter piece "parked".   They'll fill the "timer", but not succeed.  In the process, they'll ALSO exchange fire with the smatter, in the case that I saw, killing it, so maybe this behavior is intended?  

Another interaction.  Large groups of hunters (say, 20) are almost  immune to damage from dragons (and presumably other monsters that use  missiles), since their missiles will fill space enough to collide with all the dragon's.  

This is why I suggested adding an option to turn them off. I don't like them appearing out of thin air to remove dragon infestations. They'll keep themselves in control anyways due to infighting.

I actually like dragons because they'll free up room for empires whose allies are stuck degenerating, and also their only border. 

Same, I was talking about the hunters.

Right, I figured that out.  Now, I'll sometimes turn hunter interventions back on to "clean up" before welcoming a new monster from a quest result.  

There's an empire named "Hen Circle".

I love the name generation for this game.


Haha :)

I wonder if the faster loading and the better performance will allow me to play normally with 20k stars


Let me know! Generation time should be significantly faster at least.

I wonder if someone tried to gen a galaxy with 100 billion stars like a real galaxy. I doubt they succeeded

I did but it did not work lol

Duh. It would probably take a week.


I didn't notice a huge difference in generation time but the frames per second raised to 20, compared to the usual 5 fps when playing with like 15k stars, with around 400 empires on the map and dynasty mode enabled. So, yeah, great job :D


OK done! Some minor issues - but I've now released the beta! Thank you all for your help! :D

So the current stable version is newer than the current beta?


It's the same!

Can I make a suggestion for an addition? How about depending on an empire's stats and the stars they own, they get a population that increases wealth and (in the case of individual stars) boost the defense/attack whenever attempting to expand?

And I think it would be cool if ships showed signs of damage whenever at low health.

Also, Pirate Ships!

Smatter piece and cult  empire with ghosts leveling the heck out of each other's probes and pods.  Neither is particularly growing, but whichever empire tries to take them down is going to have a rough time.  


Hehe nice :) That's a lot of ghosts ...

Yeah.  Didn't end up getting to see them  fight -- the green cult lost its last star at a distant location.  

What exactly causes ghosts to be created, anyhow?  It's certainly not every lost ship and backstabbing.


It's whenever a level 4 or 5 (e.g. minister or Emperor) of the empire that built that artifact dies :)

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Are ships able to plot new paths to stars after some time? And when are lunar monuments going to be given an effect?(Also do imperial tombs have an effect?)


1. Ships (most) should always pick the shortest path
2. They have the effect of making the emperor feel better :) (in theory) They also attract traders, so there is actually a positive side already
3. Yes, when a high level imperial employee dies, they get a "Ghost Ship"

If the imperial tombs only make ghosts, what are the requirements for an empire to spawn a warden after they fall?

Also I meant, can ships plot new starpaths entirely?


No they cannot plot paths between stars that are not already connected


Ah good question, you will be the first I tell :) Wardens spawn only for empires which have controlled the galaxy, and even for the it's only a 10% chance once they die.

So much of this update makes things smoother and easier, but I noticed on my Mac that the ancestry feature was taken away from the menus for individual empires, and when trying to zoom in on any of the empires in the genealogy screen (after scrolling) it always picks the wrong one. That feature used to make it very easy to track empire histories, I don't know if you thought it was redundant.