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Will people who bought the game here be able to get the steam version key or will we have to pay again?

Nevermind i made it

Heck it's been generating for 7 hours

But did you update it

Almost 2 hours loading wtf i'm scared

The RAM usage is at a fixed value: 1798.5 MB

The ammount of time needed to generate seems to grow exponentially based on the ammount of stars

Like, if you're generating a 10k star on my computer it takes about 20 seconds. 20k stars, 5 minutes. 30k stars, 30 minutes. 50k stars = YOOOOO

I don't have things to do, plus i need to keep the record. It's been generating for well over an hour looooool

Hey it's not working

Galimulator community · Created a new topic I'm back bois

Time to generate 50k star system

Why is that weird thing the logo? What does it mean? I've been wondering ._.

That's already a thing

cause they can still die ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Galimulator community · Created a new topic lol.

I didn't notice a huge difference in generation time but the frames per second raised to 20, compared to the usual 5 fps when playing with like 15k stars, with around 400 empires on the map and dynasty mode enabled. So, yeah, great job :D

I wonder if the faster loading and the better performance will allow me to play normally with 20k stars

Sounds great, thanks!

I like dynasty mode. It's fun to see people fighting for power and money, succeeding and failing. The thing is, that's all. There isn't anything too special about dynasty mode, it doesn't even interfer in the wars or anything. It's just sitting there for you to watch it. I think it'd be cool if you could be a person in a dynasty, control that character as he/she lives life. If he's a ship captain, let you control the ship. If a military minister, allow you to manage the army and ship contruction for that empire. Or if he's emperor, play as if you were in emperor mode, but you can die or be forced to resign by the population. Anyways, you get the point. Dynasty mode needs improvement.


Is there a way to destroy the seeper of sloth?

You could make the dynasty leaderboards scrollable so you can see all of them and not only the top 10

Darn i love the name generation

I bought the game for PC and i downloaded the beta version; does that mean i am part of beta testing?

Actually the opposite should be done; earth background added to europe and also to random continents.

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I had to disable dynasty mode

Running it with dynasty mode disabled made it quite playable with 15 fps average

R.I.P Snoddasmannen's Record


After a while the game crashed because an empire with 3k stars started rioting and there were already like 500 empires on the world


This is worse than any war ever.

That moment when you forget to reform your government
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It took about 5 minutes to generate.


GTX 1080 Ti

Intel Core i7 3.6 GhZ

I'm not sure about the rest, i am not really into hardware. Anyways great game! I play it a lot. Would have paid some extra bucks if i could.

Also, i set no limits for empires and some of them were already rioting

Wondering how long would it take to dominate the world >:D

Galimulator community · Created a new topic 20k Stars.
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This is what 20k stars look like. R.I.P fps... Kinda fun to watch lol