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R.I.P Trade Ship

Im using a Windows 7, and i tried Alt-Tabbing, if the magic key input is the thing you type in, i get that, but there isnt anything else besides the galimulator window, and the "enter (whatever) size/name", but after i enter in the number, or name the game freezes, and then it closes the tab it was in.

Same thing with making alliances, and other things you have to type in. it works just fine on my Android, but i would love to be able to play it on my PC.

Its great, but on my windows, I have a problem (with ALL versions of Galimulator), whenever I try to type an exact size of a galaxy, or name an empire. the game freezes, then when it starts working again, the create your empire/galaxy box "crashes". any help?

Thanks, but I think I actually think i might be able to fix it. Your able to open it another way then the simple "double click" on the mac, so i'll try that. Thanks for the help!

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Hey there! I'm having some trouble downloading Galimulator for my mac. i tried both the galimulator downloads, and it was supposed to work but it didn't. I also tried downloading it straight from the platform. Any help?