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Creating a Studio

A topic by Coder created Dec 22, 2015 Views: 618 Replies: 7
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Just an idea that i was wondering if anyone was intrested in creating a studio and working together to create games.

Just message below with what you think and if you would like to try and what skills you have.

I would suggest releasing more games on here before asking other people to work with you, so they have an idea of your skills/experience.

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The whole idea is so that we could grow are skills together.

Well if there's a mismatch of skill levels, it's not going to be a very good learning experience.

What are your skills? Can you explain us a little about you?


My dear, I couldn't even get my best friends to make games with me. (Mostly it's because they want to make fancy 3D RPGs, while I'm more interested in older technology like 2.5D, voxels, even ASCII art.) It's hard to find people who complement your skills well while sharing your vision. For example I can do coding, writing, some game design and enough art to put together my own solo titles; I could use a partner with audio skills, and better game design skills than mine. But all the composers I know are also artists and/or programmers themselves. (They also don't share my taste in games.)

What kinds of games would you like to see more of, anyway? Because that's the kind of games you should make. For example, most of mine are ultimately about exploring a strange environment and learning to survive in it. (My favorite theme in fiction as well; I write sci-fi and it's largely about the same things.) What can you contribute to a game? Or if you're just now learning the skills involved, which parts do you think you'd like to work on yourself?


The whole point was to learn together and i see you make a very valid point however my plan was really to see what sort of reaction this one got.

The type of games it varies as what people want to do it not that i have one in mind but i did think if this did come to life i would start with a basic game to see how communication works.

I do have some skills with working with unity and blender however i havent progressed far and im still learning.

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Sounds good. 3D modeling is a part many would-be developers stumble at. Perhaps because it involves a lot of grunt work, unlike the making of a game engine. One reason why I never started work on my dream game is the daunting amount of artwork required -- and it's hardly an extravagant concept. But I'm better at it than a few months ago, and some day I might try anyway. You see, learning never stops...

What kinds of things do you like to model? For that matter, what kinds of games do you like to play?