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Itch App Goodies

A topic by Lantana Games created Dec 15, 2015 Views: 670 Replies: 3
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First thread, first priority: itch specific API functionality. What do I mean by that? Well, Steam's got Steamworks, and Steamworks is cool. It's got Achievements, Leaderboards, Multiplayer Invites, etc. What are some things we want that could be unique to itch?

My idea would be some kind of metagame, like an actual trading card game. Each game you own gets one card, and we could actually play each other, not just sell the cards. Then maybe we can even loop achievements into the cards somehow? Like the more you accomplish in a game, the more you power up its card? Kinda more like Pokemon than Magic, I guess.

Maybe even bundles could have unique cards too, with all games in the bundle tying into a card's stats. Or maybe bundles are like one-time-use spells.

I feel like something like this could get people trying out and keep playing games up here. Just my $0.02.

So far this is actually planned, in the documentation for itch, there's serverside API (that also works), although it doesn't track free players yet and obviously, no achievements or the like, and it doesn't pass the player email to the game so it could look it up.


please add hooks to automagically add games into your steam library. I would do this, but leafo, let's be honest. You know how lazy I am. That's why I need this. Because I am far too lazy to go to alt tab on my keyboard.

Plz, Amos, I need thiszzz.