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Bug with JB for the disco!

A topic by zment created Jan 17, 2021 Views: 187 Replies: 4
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Where do I report bugs? I have trouble with the JB for the disco! (I did it once by closing and then doing it and re-opening, and got to some juicy stuff, but the story didn't move forward. After that nothing seems to work anymore and I don't wanna restart)

Well, I managed to get past that by modifying the *.gd file by toggling a bit _I think_ might've been the indicator for the JB, and when I started the game next, I was greeted with the EULA screen again, AND my next line was used as the full name, but as it was timed because I infact did manage to trigger the correct cutscene, Ana kept calling me "I'm not Ja" for the rest of the conversation, which was funny if not a bit suspense of disbelief -braking. I can send you the original unmodifed .gd file and logs, if you think it would help you? 

Also a bummer that I was so close to the end actually at that point. :( (Although I can't be sure, since my build was all messed up as I did the JB wrong at the beginning, or something).

Loved it a lot, even though I gathered the gist of the main story plot very early on, even before the reveal email (it was my fourth theory, but latest theory at that point 馃榿), I have a soft spot emerging intelligence AI stories. Thanks, might get the Transcendet pack at some point to support you!


Hello! Firstly huge thanks for playing through and sticking with things; apologies if any issues scuppered the end for you. 

I'm just trying to wrap my head around exactly what played out in your playthrough, so please email me at jamin[at]superstring[dot]studio and we save these boards the spoilers :) 

In short though: EULA screen should never appear a second time, so (assuming you didn't manually Clear Data from menu) something has gone awry. Rest assured this will be fixed and rolled out with next update however! 

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EULA screen showing up a second time is totally my fault and I expected things to go all messed up at this time, as I basically messed with the game files myself to try to get the rest of the game trigger properly. Everything before that though happened without meddling with anything, though I most probably still managed to do something to break it myself. I'll send you and email with the logs and the save files and how it happened, maybe you can make sense of it. 

I can also check if I can reproduce it again, and if I can, I'll report how I did that too. Thanks for an awesome narrative experience! 


I'll keep an eye out for the emails - appreciate the feedback and notes here!