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Well, I managed to get past that by modifying the *.gd file by toggling a bit _I think_ might've been the indicator for the JB, and when I started the game next, I was greeted with the EULA screen again, AND my next line was used as the full name, but as it was timed because I infact did manage to trigger the correct cutscene, Ana kept calling me "I'm not Ja" for the rest of the conversation, which was funny if not a bit suspense of disbelief -braking. I can send you the original unmodifed .gd file and logs, if you think it would help you? 

Also a bummer that I was so close to the end actually at that point. :( (Although I can't be sure, since my build was all messed up as I did the JB wrong at the beginning, or something).

Loved it a lot, even though I gathered the gist of the main story plot very early on, even before the reveal email (it was my fourth theory, but latest theory at that point 😁), I have a soft spot emerging intelligence AI stories. Thanks, might get the Transcendet pack at some point to support you!