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Anyone use Discord?

A topic by Potatoes Are Not Explosive created Dec 13, 2015 Views: 1,440 Replies: 6
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My roommate introduced me to this VoIP program that's an alternative to Skype/Teamspeak/Ventrilo/etc called "Discord". Claiming to create the best of all of those worlds and yet be entirely free. From what I've seen so far it seems quite nice. It can run entirely in a browser (if you want) which means if you want to add someone to your server who doesn't normally use the app (me at the time), they don't have to commit to installing a whole new program. It also has a really pretty UI which looks a lot (aka exactly) like Slack, if you're familiar with that.

What do you all think? Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone else hate skype as much as I do?

Also: what do you guys think of having an community Discord server? The server itself would be free it would just be a matter of getting people to use it.


I hate Skype. God I hate everything about it. Wish it was like MSN Messanger like back in the day. I'll be looking into DiscordApp.

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There actually is an Discord server, but I don't know if it's supposed to be open to the public yet. It's not very active atm. But yeah, Discord is awesome! It's one of the best designed apps I've used, and it's definitely a lot more pleasant than Skype, which unfortunately I'm still stuck using.


We created it just to try it out, but didn't really push a lot of people to join. Anyone can join here:


I'm a huge Discord fan, in my opinion it trumps Skype in every way. Hope to see more folk in there chatting! :)


Started using it because Skype is trash and haven't gone back since.

Also it has some great APIs that I've been meaning to use to make a Bot. discord.js

That's awesome -- didn't know the API was up yet. Will have to start thinking of ways to use it :)