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Changes to the Feed

A topic by slimefriend created Dec 07, 2015 Views: 511 Replies: 5
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I don't know about anyone else, but I basically never use my feed. Sometimes I'll go to check it out and the only thing I'll see is someone updating a super old game to like, change the price or description or something. I feel like something else needs to be done with it for it to have any use. Ideas:

-change it so its more of a feed of new games--you can still follow people, but you only get notifications if they have made a new game or they like a game or add it to their playlist or something.

-make the feed appear on the homepage in some capacity. maybe recommended games would be games from your feed?

if you have other ideas feel free to post them here.

even removing it would be fine with me, between this forum and the randomizer and recommended games i basically get everything i want from anyways.


There's an option on your feed page to only see new games. Otherwise, the feed is a lot like Twitter: its usefulness depends on who you follow. And it's not like the feed gets in your way if you don't use it...


I like the idea of putting it on the homepage (I experimented with this at some point but didn't get something I liked). I definitely want the homepage to be less about the content we feature and more about creators your interested in, along with related developers.

As for for your feed in particular, I understand your problem. Not sure what the best solution is, but following more people should definitely help. Maybe in the future we'll do something like tumblr where our recommendation engine inserts events from other people into your feed and you can follow them if you like what you see.

The major problem with the feed is that it's just not very helpful. A lot of the time I'll see an update to my feed when I check itch, and it's just someone who "Updated page content" which doesn't really say a lot and is usually unnecessary. I like the feed but feel like it needs to have more of a purpose.

One problem that I always used to have with itch is the lack of connection between game player and game developer. With the addition of the itch community, game comments, and individual game communities, that part of itch has improved, but the feed could still use some help. Maybe the feed could double as a blog that lets devs make posts about game updates, postmortems, anything really, and allow followers to comment. There could even be a feature where a dev can choose to only send certain feed posts only to people who've bought a game? There's lots of ways to do it.

yeah these are some good suggestions. a blog is a bit tricky cuz this forum works well as a devlog, but maybe posts from those forums you've subscribed to show up in the feed?

Oh yeah that would be kind of redundant, hadn't thought of that. I do like subscribed threads showing up directly into your feed though.