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Thank you so much for such high praise! :)

Thanks friend! I'll continue development, no worries. ;)

Thank you so much for a feedback! :) 

Sure mate! 

Just mail me to zxbitles(at) or in Telegram @Krom1981. I will publish your review here and in my Facebook: 

By the way, you can use FB, if you want. 

Thanks mate! You should try "Red Raid: The infiltrating...". It will blow up your mind. :) 

You are welcome amigo! ;) 

Yes. I cannot get any transfer by PayPal. 

I will finish this game anyway. No worries. It will be available for free.

Utz. Its written on loading screen.

Thanks a lot!

Yeahp. Got it!

Thank you!

Please use PayPal to become a sponsor. Would be nice if you'll send a mail to me at zxbitles [at] and write the name to be displayed. I will contact with you to send dev-versions for tests (if you want) and release. 

Any donation is welcome. Sponsor's names will be written in the order in which I am getting donations.

All the best! ;)

No worries. Good to know. Have fun! 

The game took 3 place in GOTY 2021 BASIC nomination. :) 

Thank you for so kind feedback!

Thanks! Enjoy! ;) 

I have no mail from you. By the way, the game was sent to you by mail as well as fixed versions. Please check and let me know. 

Thank you!

Please write to zxbitles [at]

Thanks, friend! 

:) Sure. Thanks for your support!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your feedback!


Thanks for your feedback!

I add options for the game where you can disable any of items (snowflake, armor, battery or scull). In addition, there is now a 25% chance of a snowflake appearing instead of an armor. Previously there was a 50% chance.

Yes, I thought to implement Kempston, but I am almost out of memory...

I am going to test the changes and will deliver the updated version today.


I'll do my best to release physical version ASAP, but I cannot promise, that it will be soon. 

I will write here, when we will be ready. :)

Did you get my mail with the game?

He-he-he. Working on it right now...

By the way, what about "Red Raid: The infiltrating"? 

I am missing your feedback about it!

I see no mail address in your donation. Could you please contact with me by zxbitles(at)

Thanks, friend! 

I will contact with you and send the game, when it will be ready.


The music is written by utz. He using his own tracker.

You can find more on his website:

Thanks friend! 

Your feedback is very valuable for me! 

Enjoy! The third part has absolutely different gameplay. :) 

The sinking...

Thanks a lot for your feedback! 

You should try "Red Raid: The infiltrating..." as well! :) 

The version for Android is only an experiment. Probably I will release the other games for it as well and implement keyboard controll. 


You are always welcome. The engine is ready. The music almost finished. Developing maps now. 

Thanks friend! In progress. :) 

You are welcome! Have a nice gameplay!

Hi friend!

Thanks for attracting my attention. Now its available.

Sorry. My bad. Now it fixed. Thank you.

Thanks friend!

The trilogy is finished! 

Please let us know your opinion.

Hello guys!

The game is ready. We are preparing the last things and going to release the game soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you'll not miss the release!

This game (and the trilogy) will be available on cassettes as well and published by Matranet in EU.