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Hey I apologize for the late reply life’s been weird lately. I really appreciate the kind words, and if I end up making a commercial release I’ll send you a key.

I uh didn't actually get to finish the ending so I guess if anybody likes this come back and play the full thing when it's finished

As i collector of vintage hardware synths this is super neat:)

Thanks:) I should also mention whatever you did kind admin fixed my issue.

Okay sweet, thank you.

I did notice I did not have windows selected for the build and I changed that so hopefully that fixes it

I read through the list of common issues with indexing that the moderator kindly sent to me but I still am not sure what the issue is. The page is public, there's a download, and a cover image. If I'm missing something please let me know.

Any idea what the issue is it's been around 2 weeks since published?

It's been around 2 weeks since release and I still can't search it, so I don't think other people can either? Any ideas?

I like the sound design moody 


Microcrawl is a bite sized point and click 2D adventure text hybrid presented from the first person in which you'll have to navigate your way back through a dark fantasy world to get back home.

oof its inspiring that someone had a similar idea as what I was making. Big props, I love the art style.

my favorite so far 

neat but weird 

this is pretty great

main menu music is rad

Honestly more addicting than I was expecting. Goodjob dude

Microcrawl is a first person 2d dungeon crawler text adventure hybrid made for the lowrez game jam. It was made in four days and runs at 64X64 resolution. I'm thinking of turning the concept into a larger game at a slightly higher resolution.

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Not any regular pong clone... just kidding it is but with sprites