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I kind of wonder if something just went horribly, horribly wrong with my installation, since other people seemed to be able to play fine... It wasn't that the view was limited, I could get behind that, the problem was that I would move the mouse and the camera would move in the completely wrong direction, so I couldn't even look where I wanted to go. I really don't know what went wrong, but it was completely unplayable when I tried. Maybe I'll give it another go sometime and see if it's any different.

Ahh I see. For how long it takes to actually put out a flame, yeah a smaller refill might be nice. Other people already said it so I didn't want to hammer you on the same point, but having a health meter or having them slowly get smaller would help a lot. If I could tell which flames were almost out I could attack strategically to refill my water faster

I did finally figure it out! I had uh, kinda forgotten that I could jump XD Definitely one of my favorite entries, it's so silly but it's also a neat puzzle to figure out

I had it down to just a few bits of health left, but my suit health was at 0% so I kept dying in a single hit XD doesn't help that I also didn't properly clear out the room before it, so I died a bunch of times on the way to the boss to pick up the suit...

Nah that makes sense, I think I was able to keep my health pretty high until I messed up at the end and got swarmed and died very quickly XD So maybe I didn't see that aspect of it so much. I still think the health being the ammo is really clever

This absolutely blew me away, it's fantastic. I love the art style and the music so much. Unfortunately, I'm really bad at games as hard as this XD I hope to beat it one day, I was really enjoying the story snippets... but we shall see

Also you get bonus points in my book for leaving such nice comments on everyone else's submissions

The graphics on this are excellent! I really love the animation of the potion. The sound design is on point too! I haven't fully grasped the mechanics yet, but I might come back and try this again when I have more time. Really enjoyed it though, it's feels so fluid and well polished!

I thought the controls felt pretty good, though I only managed to defeat a few flames. It didn't seem like they were dropping water refills like the tutorial said they would?

Still, really enjoyed it! I thought the music was really good

I was able to get this working, but the controls are unfortunately extremely jarring and I couldn't get past level 3. Also, it seems like the music is uh.. directional? If I turned, the music would move to my other ear, and it got me really disoriented. I like the concept, and you definitely implemented the theme, but I got frustrated very quickly because it was so difficult to control or even see what I was doing. If you could get that sorted out, I'd be interested in trying it again.

Also, it's a small detail but I really liked the pitch slider for the music. I've never seen something like that before, it was fun to play with!

My first time playing went from 0 to 100 really fast XD I should've thought my route through a bit more.
Good implementation of the theme! And I really like the art for the player character

This one actually got me to laugh. I haven't been able to finish it thus far, but I did enjoy playing XD The graphics and sound design really go hand in hand on this one, well done!

This is an absolutely perfect implementation of the theme! I never thought about a platformer where touching the floor is something you don't want to do, but it was fascinating to play. I'd really love to see this concept expanded upon a little, and see some levels where you actually do need to be larger for some reason, and perhaps a way to lose some snow to go along with that. It could make for a very interesting puzzle game!

It took me a while to understand how I was meant to play this, but once I got it down it was really interesting! I like the simple aesthetic of the graphics and the sound effects a lot.

That's great!
Well, lets see... I would either change the fire key to be on the keyboard, or make it so that when you click, the direction you fire in is based on which side of the screen the mouse is on. That way, you avoid the confusion I had altogether. It might also be nice to extend the fire range a little, the only way I really started defeating aliens was to rush right into their faces and spam click.
If you really want to expand upon the concept, I think it might be interesting to give different aliens different movement patterns and behaviors. Perhaps some of them could have longer range weapons but move/fire slower? Or, perhaps certain aliens have a weakness to certain weapons. That sort of thing ^^

The movement is pretty fast paced, but it's very tight and I will take that over floaty movement any day. I played it for more than a few seconds, so I actually got used to the movement speed pretty quick. The simplistic visuals paired with the sound effects made for an entertaining experience, though I did eventually reach a point that I couldn't seem to get past. Still, I really enjoyed jumping around for a bit!

⁻\  o              o  /⁻
      |  \_    _/  |
   /    \          /    \
(No idea if that'll show up correctly but I tried)

I think you've got a pretty good concept here, it just needs a little more polish on it. The physics were sometimes a little weird, and I kept firing to the wrong side because I expected the gun to fire where my mouse cursor was pointed rather than the direction I was running. But once I got it figured out, I had a pretty good time blasting aliens!

Very simple, but fun to play. The movement could be a bit tighter, but it was playable enough for me to have a good time shooting vegetables. I like the idea that your health is also your ammo! The art style was also very nice, and the music helped to keep me engaged. I would say that it's slightly lacking on the theme(unless I missed something), shooting hurts you but it doesn't really perform worse the more you do it. That's probably something that could easily be added though, and the rest of it is great! As Brainos said, HELL YEAH I'M A GUN AND I'M HERE TO SHOOT SOME VEGETABLES

The theme implementation seems pretty clear to me, the more you fire the slower you move and are able to fire. It's gradual, but when you pick up an item and restore your movement, suddenly you realize what's happened.

A very simple game, but an effective one. The gameplay is intuitive and easy to pick up, and it's a really clear and excellent implementation of the theme! At its core, it's very solid. The one real critique I have is that the left and right controls were a bit boggling as I tended to hover near the top of the screen, so they were reversed... but I'm really not sure what could be done about that. But other than that one thing, it felt very good to play!

The cats are super adorable, though I do wish the background had been 2d rather than 3d. Also wish it had some sort of sound effect, even something super simplistic would keep me engaged and provide some sort of feedback so I can understand what I'm doing. I could watch the cat animations bounce forever though, they're really really nice

Unfortunately, despite trying this at least 3 times, I got stuck and couldn't progress pretty early on. It's a shame, I wanted to see how it ended.

Really enjoy the concept, but the box physics make it extremely hard to get past level 2. I got to level 3 once, but I think I messed something up, so I went back; and then after 15 minutes of trying to stack up the boxes and knocking them over every time, I gave up. Really curious what comes later though, so maybe I'll give it another go in the future

I also made an account just to comment, thank you so much for making Saithumbs! It's been incredibly helpful for me and reminded me of long forgotten sketches that I never exported. I also just moved to Sai2, so I would definitely appreciate a version for Sai2 if you have the chance!