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I think you've got a pretty good concept here, it just needs a little more polish on it. The physics were sometimes a little weird, and I kept firing to the wrong side because I expected the gun to fire where my mouse cursor was pointed rather than the direction I was running. But once I got it figured out, I had a pretty good time blasting aliens!

Glad you like it, yeah im gonna work more on this game :D and publish on playstore, so more ppl could play it anywhere, do you have more suggestions or new ideas to be implemented ? :D


That's great!
Well, lets see... I would either change the fire key to be on the keyboard, or make it so that when you click, the direction you fire in is based on which side of the screen the mouse is on. That way, you avoid the confusion I had altogether. It might also be nice to extend the fire range a little, the only way I really started defeating aliens was to rush right into their faces and spam click.
If you really want to expand upon the concept, I think it might be interesting to give different aliens different movement patterns and behaviors. Perhaps some of them could have longer range weapons but move/fire slower? Or, perhaps certain aliens have a weakness to certain weapons. That sort of thing ^^


Nice idea, I'll have on mind, after introducing more enemies and more weapons, I think maybe would be better a key to shot, cause if it goes to playstore, theres going to be a button to shoot, so maybe would be better a key :3 thanks for the idea