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Don't Restart!View game page

A very bugged game so do not restart!
Submitted by Adyn Calix — 3 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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Don't Restart!'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme Implementation#14.3754.375
Artistic Quality (Visual / Audio)#24.0004.000
Overall Rating#23.9583.958

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Discord tag (Name#1234)
_Adyn Calix_#5727

Discord tags of team members
Justus #3399

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I can tell effort was put into it. The voice over was fantastic, the idea is unique and interesting. Like others I did struggle with the boxes. I would like a voice hint after struggling on a level for a bit.


If we had more time, we would have definitely added that in :) but time is time, and I will keep all of it in mind for my next game jam I join :D

Thanks for appriciating the effort :) We put alot of time in this haha


I thought the restart implementation was great! The controls for movement made it a bit tough to stack the boxes and after that I couldn't figure out what to do. I brought boxes with me but they despawned after I restarted a time or two. The voice lines were a nice touch! Did you draw inspiration from Sam Hogan's game? Looks great!


 As a quick hint, there are 3 red boxes which save their position you have to take those up with you. But watch out as the staicase on level 3 dissapears after 2 restarts, and we drew inspiration from "This is NOT a game" and "Stanley's Parable" my 2 favourite games :D


Trust me, i bugtested the game a bunch of times and still cannot stack boxes... haha


i appreciate that you have a voice-over, and even though you stumble over your words you DONT RESTART, heh, get it? i dunno if you did that on purpose or not but i appreciate it nonetheless. 

though... all that said, the motion blur makes the game absolutely unplayable for me. i get motion-sickness from it. i did want to give this game a try, i really did, but i literally just... cant. i'll refrain from voting to avoid skewing results, but i hope that next time you at least tone it down to make it more accessible. 


I was indeed a little afraid of putting in motion blur because indeed low end pc's get that, the motion blur is entirely fine on high end pc's but on low end it just is too much and makes the game unplayable. If I could right now I would remove the motion blur.


i also had a tough time with the box physics, but i did really enjoy the voice lines - i got to level 3 and figured i must have gotten something wrong because i forgot to get all the boxes i could from level 2 - and couldn't bear the thought of doing that staircase again.

with that said, i'll definitely give it another try later! it's a fantastic concept with very well-done implementation


Yeah we all had a feeling people where gonna have trouble after the staircase part. If we still had time we would have changed that around. As a quick hint, there are 3 red boxes which save their position you have to take those up with you. But watch out as the staicase on level 3 dissapears after 2 restarts :)


Really enjoy the concept, but the box physics make it extremely hard to get past level 2. I got to level 3 once, but I think I messed something up, so I went back; and then after 15 minutes of trying to stack up the boxes and knocking them over every time, I gave up. Really curious what comes later though, so maybe I'll give it another go in the future


Yeah we would have changed the box phusics if we had more time, we could have added more boxes as well.


To fix it I would have locked rotation on the X and Z axes so it wouldn't spin around in your hand


That is a pretty good idea. But it also comes with its negatives.


Loved the visual effects


Thanks! :D