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Glad you liked it! It was our first experience in making a game!

You need to think outside the cage...oops I mean box. You might also want to seek shelter in that home. The porcupines are mean!


I got it to work. Good job! I enjoyed the art style and the music!

Absolutely have a blast playing it. I also like that top scoreboard slot. I just wish I could leave my name so I can prove it's me :P

2200 boiiiiii

I could not get this to work. I downloaded both the exe and the zip. 

I like the idea, challenging and fun. I do think the movement is a little fast pace. Art is funny and enjoyable. Solid game.  

Wow...This is may favorite game hands down.  All 5 stars. I love the fact that you have a real time score board. I am at the top with 1150 and will check back to make sure I keep that top slot. Bravo. 

The projectiles get slower the more you shoot them. Great idea. My only slight complaint is that drops seem super random. My 1150 run I never received a health up.  

The theme is definitely there! The more you walk the slower you get! Crazy idea I liked the art style. Challenging too. 

I enjoyed it! I liked the different style of guns. The theme was there in a simple form. It is moderately difficult. 

I liked it. Did take a little bit to get the hang of but was a nice change of pace. Good job!

I installed it but it said failed to execute script. Really wanted to try this game!

It was an interesting idea for a game. I don't know if I agree on how the theme was implemented but its always up for interpretation. 

What a game!

The art is nice I liked the cats. I do think the gameplay was a little lackluster. I would like to see this game with more time put into it as I think it can be really solid. 

So it did take me a bit to understand how to play it, but once I did I enjoyed it. I don't see really where the theme implementation came into play. Was it the fact you can only use 3 point per round?

Simple, controls were fluid, learning it was easy. Reminds me of the Mario Bros sub game from Super Mario World 2 for the GBA. 

I can tell effort was put into it. The voice over was fantastic, the idea is unique and interesting. Like others I did struggle with the boxes. I would like a voice hint after struggling on a level for a bit.

I enjoyed it! It's in my top 3 easy. I enjoyed the zombie esque style. I would love to see this game finer tuned in the animations and more levels. I'll be coming back to this.

That may be a while....It's quite challenging!

Wow....what a game. This would definitely be something you could sell. Good idea, very well done. Will be revisiting it soon....

For a game made in 3 hours its incredible. I could see myself playing this on the phone a lot. I saw where you said the spawning was messed up and I wish it wasn't because it would have made it more enjoyable. Good nevertheless! 

Short and simple the way I like it. I enjoyed the additions of the walls to block you from dashing all all around. 

I liked it. The ability didn't seem to get worse the more I used it. Interesting idea. I would have liked to see a score counter or ending to have something to work towards.  

I really like the idea and enjoyed the simplicity of it, rather challenging. Implemented the theme really well. Great job!