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yep! multiple weapon upgrades and two different special abilities exist in the current build, along with health

hey, sorry for the late reply!

i had a rough few months but that's all finally behind me and things are looking better. i was able to warm myself back up after my hiatus with a small side project, at least!

check out

thanks a ton for checking in, by the way! ♥️

YES! Thank you for the positive feedback, be sure to check in weekly for update after update! We'll see this through until it's done.

The menu's been fixed up now, and you should be able to navigate entirely with the keyboard or d-pad. Use the space bar or "A" button on the SELECT buttons or weather toggles. Changing the weather should be achieved now by selecting the little cloud icon in the track select screen and pressing space or "A" on a controller.

i won't be using any of these assets, but i did at least want to comment that i love your bouncy, animated graphics style and i'm going to subscribe to you just to see what your personal projects are; i'm interested in seeing how these kinds of assets could be put to use. keep up the excellent work!

Yep, the sequel is still in the works! I know I've been quiet, but it's close to 90% complete, only missing a final boss.

I've been taking a small break to work on a racing game while I have someone review the dialogue script; I'm hoping to have the narrative in this one carry some more weight than the first one.

ohmygosh I actually cried a little watching this! To be used as an example of getting the essentials right is a tremendous honor, thank you so much!

The editing is very well done, and your knowledge of game development principles is absolutely on point. The humor had me cracking up, too! I'd love to see more of your content, so I've subscribed!

Again, thank you so much! Keep up the excellent work.

Subscribed, I had a great time watching your LP, thank you so much!

It does seem like your framerate was a liiiittle low, but my computer bogs down when I record, too, so I can see why the game was lagging in slow motion. 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the report! I'll get the menu fixed up by this weekend. I'll reimplement a reverse button soon, it was too easy to abuse as a brake for desktop users, leading to outrageously quick times! I've got a few ways I can make sure a proper reverse gear pops up for when we need one.

Thanks for the feedback!!

You'll be very excited to hear I've got two music producers who'll be working with me to achieve a Eurobeat/chiptune/retrowave soundtrack - with themes for each boss. 

The fastest car in the game for sheer top speed is the Zero, it's an absolute highway demon - but it's almost impossible to control! My personal fastest times have been set with the CR-7 FS2 and the 86SE.

Hope to see you in the comments for the next update!

Thank you for the exceptionally detailed feedback!

Competing in the GDWC would be an honor. I'll see you this October!

I've actually broken the practice run to make the first stage, but tonight I'll post a new demo with a new practice mode, second stage and a stage select!

thank you! atmosphere and immersion is exactly what my main goal is with the details, it's great to hear it delivers on that!

that's a good observation! this current demo just uses the ghost of your best lap - your driving must be pretty clean and consistent!

the next demo coming tonight will have an actual ghost that isn't just your own lap. should be a fun challenge!

got yourself a subscriber! got a good laugh from that, especially the end!

you'll be pleased to know i've just implemented controller support, keep an eye out for the next demo!

If there's enough demand for it, certainly!

And since you'd like one, that's enough demand for me to at least give it a good shot, for sure.

i love this game! the style is awesome and reminiscent of some of my favorite PS1 games.

a great time to be had, if there was a campaign for this, i'd play through the whole thing for sure.

i keep feeling like i'm getting rid of my stuff before i off myself or something, really depressing vibes.

impressive work, that i can feel so much with just three colors, text and a resolution around what i'm guessin' is 128x128!

i'm playing through the color version and this is an excellent game so far!

the controls are tight and the world design is challenging, engaging and even a bit mysterious. i like the atmosphere of the game and the colors do a great job of setting the tone.

i haven't beaten it yet, but from what i've played so far, i love it.

this game is very reminiscent of Metroid II, which was one of my favorites for the old game boy system

i've just beat this game and the included map was handy enough for me to find my way around. unlike metroid II, the tiles in each area were different enough to distinguish on their own.

the game does have some quirks, most notably a lower framerate than usual and no knockback from enemies. this doesn't take away from gameplay much, but it does end up being a little less challenging than i'd prefer when everything runs in slow motion and you can tank damage during boss fights with no consequence if you fire fast enough

overall it was pretty enjoyable, with pleasant graphics and a good flow in backtracking with the level design

Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding health upgrades, keep looking! They're there.

And yes, saving is disabled for the demo - because you've got access to the entire game. If you can beat it on one life, in one sitting, you deserve it for free! Good luck.