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Thanks for playing and the feedback :)
Great you saved the farm in 102s!

Thanks for playing.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for playing and your constructive feedback!

Really enjoyed playing this game. The tutorial was perfect to get started. Original Tetris theme song on the menu (I think) was a blast!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback.

Thanks for playing and your comments. :) 

Fun to play. Really solid entry with the time you had. Well done.

Thanks so much!

Glad you liked it. Thanks for playing.

Nice gameplay. I really like the art and animation of your character.

Thanks for playing!

Great concept and well executed!

Thanks so much. The Gameboy palette was fun to work with.

Blown away with the art and the music was perfect! Great entry.

Thanks for playing :)

Congrats on a great entry. Much bigger game than I was expecting. Good effort to get this done in 14 days.

Thanks for playing and your feedback.

I struggled a bit with the collision box for the water tower to make it work with the UFO when the cow was attached. I had to compromise in the end due to time.

Very impressed. Art was great, atmosphere was spot on. Music perfectly matched. Got a surprise I had to die to continue. 

Thanks for playing!

Unfortunately I couldn't get it load on my Mac with Brave browser - it just freezes my browser :( 
See screenshot of browser console. Had to kill the browser tab to recover.

Sorry, tried 3 times to play in Brave browser on Mac, but the mouse pointer is not aligned so I can't click correctly. See this screenshot where mouse pointer is not on credits button but its active? Screenshots look amazing though!.

Such a great spin on a puzzle game. I enjoyed it more than I expected. Very polished entry all round. Congrats! (Nice to see you used Godot as well)

Glad you worked it out and had fun playing! Thanks for taking the time to play.

I don't have windows so can't play it, but from the screenshots it gives me great memories of Double Dragon from my childhood :)

Thanks for playing and providing detailed feedback! I did find a few bugs, but hard to replicate and fix in time. Glad you still enjoyed the game.

Great concept! It had me playing several times through.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback.

Congrats on your entry. It's a very polished game TBH :)

Took me a moment to work out the gameplay, but fun to play!

Thanks for the live play and great feedback!

Thanks so much for playing live and the really valuable honest feedback you gave while playing. I can see lots of areas needing improvement if I was to take this game further.

So impressed you played through to the boss level. :)

You are a real asset to the community with your dedication! 

As a player not familiar with this game genre at all, I had some trouble understanding what to do. The intro story was a nice touch to set the scene. The game does look very well thought out and deals with the screen constraints well. My lack of experience held me back from getting very far in the game.

The music was enjoyable to accompany the game play also.

Congrats on a polished entry and you can see the effort that went into it.

+1 for Godot :)

Thanks heaps for playing and the constructive feedback.

Does feel like a fine balance with getting the gameplay just right with the screen size constraints.

Really enjoyed the game. Music and overall game gave me C64 vibes :)
Player animation at that size was exceptional.

Well done on a very polished entry!

You can try this Godot web player to test your game in the web with just your .PCK file and if it works, you can host the game on that website too :)

Congrats on getting your entry submitted anyway!

Totally understand running out of time. You might find this tutorial on character movement helpful (I know did).

Thanks for playing.

Really good use of a limited screen area for this type of game. Happy you included the "tip" on the page as I didn't work out what was going on until I read "Enemies will aim down the last position they saw you" - then I could see the lines being projected and it made sense. I felt like such a dummy.

Great entry!

Not sure if my Mac is playing up on me, but I can't get the game to open. I have downloaded twice.


“Line- The First 1D Game” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

I can see you used Godot, did you try the HTML export? Too late now obviously.