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Love the robots design

Nice arts

Fun game

The controlls feel a bit unresponsive, especially for the camera

I got stuck in the furniture...


No build?

Very cute models :)

Very solid and polished game. The concept is great somewhat hard but I guess that's the idea.

Very nice art and puzzles. I enjoyed it a lot :)

Amazing visuals as always :)
It took me a moment to understand the mechanics but I managed to extinguish the moon

Overall awesome production

The artstyle is amazing. Gameplay is simple but effective.

Overall good experience and great game

Artstyle is very cute :)

Gameplay is simple but effective, good job.

Great concept

Very good looking, I like the artstyle and the way the levels are spawned.

The combats feel a bit dull though, more variations and polish could have been nice.

Still very impressing for a 48h jam :)

Nice game, I like the concept of having an item for each face.

I had some trouble triggering the sword at the good moment. Maybe it would have been simplier if the dice number increases by one at each movement (1->2->3->4->5->6->1...) instead of actually rolling it but I guess that's just my opinion.

I can definitively  see some potential here, some kind of rogue like where you make your skills as you go but they are picked randomly.

I guess it could have use more polish, it's sometime hard to understand what happen in battle since there are no animations or any visual feedback.

I like the concept, it's simple but very fun. Could have had a few more elements to deepen the gameplay but I guess you didn't have the time to do more. 

I ended up with a highscore  of 87063

Great experience, somehow I managed to break my game with infinite rocket spawning.

Overall very well designed, I didn't struggle too much to understand what to do and I particulary liked the voice lines ^^

I love the graphics and the top down view.

I think the gameplay could have been a bit deepened by adding jumping, collectables or moving obstacles for examples.

Still great work!

Nice game, I like the concept
The controlls are maybe not optimals. Could have been great to use the mouse for moving blocks.

Ended up with a score of 16600.

That was pretty intense and very fun.

The upgrades are nice!

I love the concept but it's maybe a bit to hard at the start

Very fun! I love the voicelines!

I'm pretty sure the real crime here is the police car driving over people ^^

Very nice and there are lots of levels and mechanics!

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Very chill game, I liked the ambiance

I returned to monke

Very nice concept! Simple but very fun!

Just wow! I love the concept so much! It's very fun and I think it has a lot of potential

Simple graphics but you made excellent use of particles and other effects, the sound design is great.

Cool game, the movement feels a bit weird sometimes but hey! Doing that in one week is awsome

Cool game

Very well made shooter. I can sense the Nier inspiration here. Funny how I thought of the same thing when hearing the theme. I'm not sure if the main feature is working though

Cool game, love the art but I'm playing alone so it's very hard to control both characters at the same time

The game looks amazing, you must have spend a lot of time on graphics especially the effect when you rewind.

I don't know if I missed something but the game was really short. A few more level with more advanced mecanics could be great.

Thx for the feedback. Means a lot ;)

Thx for your feedback. Yeah I know it still need to be polish one some point

WoW that was really Cool

such chaos... I love it