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Thanks for giving my game a whirl, didn't expect to see any Let's Plays so many years after the fact! Happy to see YouTubers giving exposure to small itch titles, it's how I started myself! :D

Wow, really great interpretation of the theme and trying to juggle tons of things at the same time is a ton of fun! Wish I could have backspaced or seen my cursor, sometimes I got confused and mistyped a LOT lol

Great idea with the TTS as well!

Oh another shooter! I really love the idea of having to reveal enemies as they approach, or in general, having to do an action to reveal an enemy - I am totally going to yoink that concept for something in the future! Certainly a great implementation of the '2 Buttons' Modifier!

What was that cool rock riff in the back?

Haha, yeah that was a bit mean at the last one, but since that was the last level ... well ... ^^' I couldn't help myself! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

Thank you! I almost wish I was able to create an even bigger spectacle visually! I enjoyed working with the limited pallette!

Super interesting concept, didn't even consider that optimetrist simulator could be a game!

I am really bad at remembering these things, so a post it note of sorts that I could check to see what type of customers wants what would have been great (unless I missed that), but I muddled through.

The controls threw me off at first, but once I understood in which order I had to click them, it was very smooth sailing. Would have probably loved it even more if I had to rotate the actual device around for each eye, but using slider worked just fine!

Cool entry!

The automatic door thing is definitely something that someone else brought up during playtesting, but I was hesitant to add another button to go into the door, in fear that players would get confused how to enter. If I had a bit more time, having an input icon bounce above the exit to teach the player would have been the way to go I think! 

The palette limitation really helped me to keep the art consistent and if I go pixel art with other projects, I will most certainly make use of a palette like this!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Haha, yeah the last level had an interesting twist that wasn't even intended, it was mostly intended to be a vertical twist, but the fact that the terrain would be destroyed added to the challenge! Thank you for playing it and the kind words!

Thank you, those are all very valid points. Crouch is something I implemented, thinking the player might want to sink down faster, but ultimately the levels are too small and the enemies don't lend themselves to using that sort of movement. It also isn't really needed otherwise, since the player will always fit in gaps regardless. 

Rebinding keys would be something I should have added if it wasn't for the time constraint (and my wish to create all code by myself rather than use others assets), but there are so many spots where I wanted to do more polish and ultimately add more content... That's jams for you haha!

I am really glad you enjoyed the game, even so much so that you went for another run!

Since I was livestreaming the progress and had a few people test the game for bugs for me, I was thinking I'd let a bunch of folks just draw maps (they are PNGs with colored pixels determining the map layout and placements) and add them as a selectable list, but I felt that would have gone against the overall idea of doing it as a sole developer!

Again, thank you for your kind words, they made my day!

It will be added to the list of games that I will go back to *eventually* (tm)

Oh, should have just bound those as well... small things one forgets!

The hill size is a really good point and I should have played around more with scaling but i ran out of time to do another pass. The camera was really tricky to get right for me and the y movement was something I wanted to do but after 20 hours I figured 'good enough'. 

If I decide to pick thst project up again I will most definitely make those changes!! thanks for the through feedback!!! 

Very wholesome

Part of me was hoping I could spawn hundreds of packages if I annoyed them fast enough - just break the game in a hilarious way!

Cozy snuggles!

Haha, that's my Green Cheek Conure Wheatley - he's a mainstay on my streams so I had to include him heh

361? Dang!!! I had no idea you could reach that far! Thank you for playing it!!!

I think I will just record my own squishy sounds next time! I love the idea of footsteps being super sticky lol

Now that I know the controls, it is a really cozy cute game. Yah, got stuck too trying to repair everything but it's a clever mechanic and a super cool presentation!

OH! Yeah, I'm going to give it another whirl with that in mind

Very cool! How did you do the graphics? It looks like a lot of work

Yeah 3 days are difficult to do a lot of polishing, but you made a full game that works!

Yeah a visual tutorial would have been good - Speed is gained by pressing space or left mouse when you go down hills. There are too many instances where the player can slow down too much right now ^^

Clever idea and the sounds were my absolute guilty pleasure lol

These elves have a shocking habit of making deadly weapons for kids! I think they need a raise and some time off! 

Love the idea of ordering gnomes around! Only thing I would have liked, would be to direct them all at once, rather than clicking once for every gnome

I always love these sort of games! Who's throwing the snowballs though? :D

Classic spot for a turkey :D Wasn't immediately clear where everything needed to go but I think it's a fun idea to have to find the best route - would have loved some randomization :D


I can't seem to progress once it offers me to 'Sort Out' no matter what I do

Really liked the presentation, the style is super cool! Making the coffee gave me that cozy feeling one gets with a fresh cup in the morning, especially when its cold outside! 

I am not sure what happened at the end, had some visual issues. Was a short but super interesting experience!

I seem to be getinng an error and can't run it - it can't load img/system/MadeWithMv.png

It feels really fun to traverse the platforms and I was actually hoping for more levels :D! Would have loved to have a few more sounds as well, but overall a solid platformer! 

Since I only have a Windows build available, I figured, I'd upload a little trailer to at least give some idea how the game plays, looks and feels :)

Hi! Got this at PAX Unplugged and love the concept. I could take a guess at how rounds play out but wanted to make sure how the game plays out. Is it just that one player after the other plays a turn, picking what they want to do, until the game is over? It's just this one sentence I am looking for :D

o.O I can't believe you made this for Pico - it's an amazing demake

Yeah performance is definitely improved. If you're open to some additional feedback: I would suggest writing out the monologues on screen so people with impaired hearing know what's going on. A menu (even if it just has a start / quit button) would be a great addition! There are also a few typos in the gatekeeper dialogue which is a bit hard to read because its so big. I'd also suggest using F as a the lighter key, since that is the most common used button for flashlights in games. Glad I got to see the catacomb section, it looks really cool! Not sure what my objective is there, though.

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Hi Nigen, thank you for your thoughtful comment on my jam game in response to my comment-less rating.

You seem to be upset about my rating without leaving a comment and I understand your frustration, I genuinely do. I left the rating during a stream and simply forgot to follow it up afterwards with a comment. Sorry for that oversight. I should have left a few words. So let me explain... 

My issues comes from the way you handled the theme of suicide (but that's a creative decision and your perogative as a developer) but mostly your incorrect warning of 'indication of self harm' when you show two pretty clear and graphic suicides, which was upsetting to me in the moment and something I would have simply not streamed, would I have known. 

Self harm is usually understood as non-fatal and while I genuinely appreciate you putting out a warning in the first place, I didn't expect to encounter these things, which were upsetting for a variety of personal reasons. I understand that this is an inherent risk with indie horror games, but whenever I can, I try to stay clear of those that feature the actual act(s) of suicide.

I hope your continue on your path as a game developer, but would urge you to give people the benefit of doubt and reach out directly to another developer, instead of leaving a passive aggressive comment, implying some sort of disrespect where none was meant. 

Sometimes people simply forget to leave a comment with their rating, like I did. 

Anyway, I changed my rating, not taking my past or personal issues into account and will leave some more thoughtful feedback on the various elements of the game. Feel free to rate my games any way you like, especially if you did not enjoy them!

Take care

(Edits: Typos, Clarifications, Removed Screenshot)