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thank you for playing it dont forget to rate it if you enjoyed it ;)

cool concept, good job !

bit confusing , I like the colors and theme tho !

Really funny and unique idea XD

Really love the color pallet that you used , and the game was fun to try 

clean and fun to play, good job !

Love the art style !

Love the game play mechanic ! its really outta control :)

cool game style reminds me of rolblox

My fav tetris in this jam xD!!!

Nice color pallet... cool remake of doom in the west!!

Looking cool, love the style... it kinda reminds me of the old school Mario games!!

I liked the idea of the black hole... really nice to see some scientific things on here...

I think the look/style of the game is really pretty and unique...

love the idea, and the name of the city ;)

really good game-feel and visual feedback !

like the pixeleted art style, good one

reminded me of the classic prince of Persia, Good one ! 

had fun trying this one !

love how simple and clean the colors look like!

love the bloom effect on the fire!

cool idea, keep up the good work !

had fun testing this one !

love the color pallet and the funky movment <3

really love how clean and organized the artstyle look ! good job

Really clean artstyle, love the color choice ! 

really satisfying shooter !!! 5/5

Really cool game ! Its nice to see other 3d title in here !