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I just pushed the 0.81 update which among other stuff includes the fix for you issue. Please let me know when you try it out and if it is solved.

Okay, so I found the issue in the code, I am working on fixing it the patch with the update should be out in the following days. Sorry for the delay

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Sorry for the inconvenience, I have some questions to further explore this issue and get it fixed. Does it move or is it just stuck? Can you use the mouse wheel & the mouse buttons?Are you running on the itch.io app?

I just pushed and update that should fix that bug, re run the launcher and it should update the game. Don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries you have

Hello, please send me your log.txt file and your computer specs so we can resolve this issue quickly. I am pretty sure it's a small shader compatibility issue.

Created a new topic Patch Notes 0.76
  • Added a new hammer type of weapon.
  • Added a new axe type of weapon.
  • Added a WIP soundtrack made by Jamal Green.
  • Weapons are now restricted by your class. Before the alpha every class will have ~3 different types of weapons and more will be added later.
  • Fixed a crash regarding the background music.
  • Changed temporary overhangs in the terrain generation.
  • Tweak the physics a bit.
  • Fixed a bug with mounts.
  • Fixed a bug were mobs wouldn't spawn.
  • Some background work on the new skillsets.
  • Fixed a crash when attacking entities.

I am planning to change my approach to update the game. Instead of publishing a medium-sized update every 2-3 weeks I try to do one every week to keep the game with new fresh content so it does not get boring and fix important crashes and bugs. What do you think?

Created a new topic Patch Notes 0.75

I've decided I will split this update into 2 because of it's size and so that you can have something to test and play. This part of the update will include the following things

  • Completely changed the engine to a voxel engine which allows for overhangs and caves.
  • Added a new **basic modding API** to change the world generation and add your own! GUIDE ( soon ).
  • New physics using the voxel engine.
  • New character selection screen.
  • New character creation screen.
  • Added a **new multiplayer mode!** (Might be unstable?) .
  • Changed terrain generation (This will be tweaked in the future.)
  • Fixed Log cabin hitbox (Thanks to /u/D3AD_FIRE for the report).
  • Removed animations from the upper-left corner image (Thanks /u/frankuck99 for the suggestion).
  • Fixed knife animation angles.
  • Fixed cooldown text showing up in the loading screen.
  • Added lighting to particles.
  • Fixed animation problems with the knife quiver.
  • Added a class selector, for future updates( which will include new skillsets and weapon restriction. ).
  • Fixed a bug were mobs would get stuck in the water.
  • Fixed a bug when you would fly when removing the mount.
  • Fixed some names not showing up on the quest system.
  • Fixed the berry count text not dissapering.
  • Balanced the bosses health & damage.
  • Mounts now can die.
  • Mounts now save their health.
  • Balanced player damage.
  • Reduced swim speed.
  • Buffed Fire release ability.
  • Nerfed meteor ability.
  • Reduced mount chance.
  • Removed LOD temporarily.
  • Fixed the menu screen getting stuck.
  • Removed the sit mechanic temporarily.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Optimized memory usage.
  • Reduced jumping speed.
  • Improved player damage formula.
  • Added fall damage
  • Rolling now reduces your fall damage
  • Improved a bit the lighting of the terrain.
  • Added a stamina system.
  • Added a stamina bar.
  • Now right clicking on a skill auto assigns it.
  • Improved crosshair aiming.

Please bare in mind because of the new voxel engine there might be an increase in bugs regarding physics and collision with the terrain specially near overhangs which I plan to improve on the other half of the update.

Feel free to leave your opinion and don't forget to check out the official subreddit for news & sneak peaks!

Created a new topic Patch Notes 0.7
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  • Fixed UI hiding when loading a run
  • Polished animations a bit
  • Added Throwing Knifes .
  • Fixed another memory leak.
  • Added carets to textfields .
  • Added chat support.
  • Fixed Obelisk Messages.
  • Fixed bug were you could kill mobs out of their range.
  • Added a text showing the berry count without opening the menu.
  • Berries are now more rare but more powerful.
  • Mobs now float in the water.
  • Fixed player swimming.
  • Fixed player orientation when moving diagonal.
  • Reduce the amoutn of ambient occlusion at night.
  • Removed the moving forward animation when shooting fireballs.
  • Items can now be dropped also by animals and there is a greater chance to be dropped by humans.
  • Buffed the Conflagaration spell.
  • Fire spells now light up dark enviroments.
  • Changed punching animation & pose.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would clip through the terrain.
  • Fixed no structures spawning in objectives.
  • Fixed? a bug causing crashes on AMD video cards.
  • Added a new type of generation
  • Mounts drop chance increased highly
  • Nerfed bandits
  • Balanced the game regarding leveling up.

The Co-Op Multiplayer is partly functional but incomplete so I decided to postpone it for version 0.8 and release version 0.7 with some interesting content.

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Can you send me the log? I will try to reproduce the bug and get it patched for version 0.7, thanks for reporting it! :D

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Just found the bug and pushed a patch, try running the game again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you encounter any other issue.

Can you send me an image of the files from the game directory? Try running it with administrator privileges.

Created a new topic Patch Notes 0.6
  • Objectives are now saved
  • Reworked menu UI
  • Added wolf
  • Added mount system
  • Mobs have a chance to drop their respective mounts ( Only wolves and horses for now)
  • Added day/night cycle
  • Added lamps (F)
  • Fixed bosses doing very little damage
  • Nerfed Bandits
  • Fixed several bugs shown in ziggityzig twitch stream
  • Fires now do damage
  • Fixed camera issues
  • Fixed memory leak. Now the game should use around 500mb at max draw distance.
  • Added autosave feature

Feel free to leave your opinion and don't forget to check out the official subreddit for news & sneak peaks!

Posted in 3rd Class?

It is currently temporary because I want to decide between the three ideas I have:

  • Spells are available for everyone like in runescape but you need to choose a specific tree (water, fire, earth, air)
  • Each skill tree is different for each class and I would like to add more classes like in Diablo 2 (necromancer, rogue, etc)
  • Basic spells are available for everyone but mages have advantages in using magic and unlock mage specific spells.

By the way you should check out the official subreddit there are other people there who would like to participate in the disccusion. Anyway I am open to hear ideas and opinions about this.

It is planned but more forward in development.

Hey you should check out the new update, it is definitely a big improvement in gameplay and graphics. Just run the launcher and it should auto update itself. Here are some images:

The main game as you can see is divided into "runs" each run has a random objective (Currently there is only available the boss objective) where the goal is to complete that objective, It can go from killing a boss to completing a quest. While you are trying to meet this goal you will encounter different structures and mobs which affect your Player. They can give you XP and improve your abilities, collect new items, etc. That would be the ideal gameplay. By the way what do you mean by woodland creates?

The log file says you are missing a file, "data3.db" are you sure you are executing the game from the launcher? Also try updating the game, I uploaded a new version with a more detailed log.

The .dump has some weird stuff, I uploaded a new version which is compiled in another mode please try it and tell me what happens if you can try it and then if keeps crashing send me the .dump and tell me if there is anything new on the log. Thank you

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1- Open Cmd in the folder you have the procdump.exe

2- Run this command procdump.exe -e 1 -x "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/" "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/Hedra.exe" It will run the game and generate a .dump file with more information about the crash. And then send me the .dump file which will be in the folder "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/" By the way which proccesor do you have and its 32 or 64 bit? Also which video card

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I am starting to think it's something It's something more related to the OS e.g A compatibility problem in my code. Download Procdump https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/d... and run this command next to the Hedra.exe
procdump.exe -e 1 -x "Path/To/CrashDump/Folder" "Path/To/Hedra.exe/Folder" It will generate a crash dump of the process on the first unhandled exception, Then I can read it and see whats all about.

I am clueless the crash wasnt reporting because it isnt catching any crash. It may be crashing on another Thread so I added more exception handling as well as a global one. Please could you try running the launcher once more? It may be that. Any way thank you for your patience.

Okay so we rule out the admin problem, I uploaded a new version which should redirect the console output to a file names log.txt in the same directory, please send me the contents.

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Just a thought, but are you running the program as Administrator? Also can you show me the console output? And try using the launcher with admin privileges

No, It seems to be crashing before the reporting, but inside the build there was a .pdb file, could you send me it? I really appreciate you are helping me to debug this, Thank you.

No, Could you try this debug Build and tell me what happens?


I think I know why the crash isnt reporting, could you please restart the launcher?

How strange, Does it show anything on the console? I am going to try to reproduce the error.

Thanks for reporting this, please try again it should now send me the crash report. Also what is your Widnows version, Do you have .Net 4.0 ? And how many monitors?

Really neat, I just voted for it. :)

I uploaded a new version (0.375) which should fix most of your issues, I always optimized a bit so the CPU usage has been reduced now. I also added a loading screen. Please let me know if you have any other problems/bugs/crashes

Thanks for the feedback!
-When the game started was it fullscreen and in the right resolution?

-Did you manage to play something or it was constantly crashing?

-By locked up you mean it stalled when starting the run? Could you see the terrain or it crashed? Could you move, play or do something?

A crash was just automatically reported to me, so if you had any problems, update the game. Latest is 0.37

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If that doesnt work try downloading the new version I uploaded to itch.io. Your welcome

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Thanks for the report. Do you have .NET Framework v4.5 installed? If you dont please install it, Meanwhile I am looking for the error. Whats your OpenGL version?

Nice game.