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Sorry for the incovenience but there  is another issue with AMD cards in 0.18, I will release a fix on Saturday

Without your GPU name there is not much I can do.

Replied to Xxaviero in Crashing

It seems like an issue with AMD cards which others are experiencing too. I think I'll have it sorted out by the weekend.

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Follow the guideline and post the log.txt file and your computer specifications.

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Please follow the guidelines. Post your log.txt file and you computer specifications. Otherwise I can't help you.

Without your GPU specification there is not much I can do, however you should try updating your drivers and see if the game runs. Are you able to play other games? If so which one?

I am happy you liked the game :D Could you create an issue on the repository with your computer specification? so as to fix the issue you had

Wait are you having the same issue as this guy?

Which one are you running the game with? Do you have your drivers up to date?

The jitter isn't intentionally, it is a known issue I am working on solving. Thanks for the suggestions, I may make a complete version of this game after the Jam!

I am glad you liked it :) 

Seems like I forgot to add the quit button :/

Seems like the game is not detecting correctly your GPU, What is your correct GPU specification?

Please send me the log.txt file and your GPU specification.

Sorry for the late reply. I've found a fix for this issue and I'll be releasing it on Sunday 12/3, Stay tuned!

Sorry for the late reply. I've found a fix for this issue and I'll be releasing it on Sunday 12/3, Stay tuned!

Sorry for the late reply, I've found a fix for this issue and I'll be releasing it on Sunday 12/3, Stay tuned!

Sorry for the delayed response, I've trying to figure this out but I have a couple more questions. Is that a new character? Is this the first version of the game you play?

I will take a look into it, thanks for reporting

As I said in the other comments, there are still no plans of porting to Mac . This may change if I get a Mac

What are your specs? CPU, RAM, GPU and OS

Sorry for the incovenience, could you please send me your GPU spec and the log.txt so I can look further into these issue?

It seems the log is not able to capture the error, can you send me a screenshot of the console at the moment of the crash. also what are your PC specs?

Is this recurrent? I mean if you restart the game does it happen again? What are your computer specs?

Mmm, Strange, What distro are you using?

The game will be ported when it's finished. Until now it will only support windows and in the future Linux

I am glad you liked it :), did it crash on Linux? Or it doesnt even start? I'll try to push a fix for this in the following days.

I guess you don't have speakers or earphones connected? Try connecting some or enabling them. Seems like the sound engine crashes and stalls the whole game. Anyhow this is already fixed in the next version (release on sunday)

Sorry for the convenience and thanks for the detailed message. It seems that this issue is a common one on version 0.15. I will be releasing a fix on the next update (on sunday)

Your welcome, I am happy to help . The game is still in alpha with many issues so I am very concerned about problems that arise.and I appreciate your interest in the game too

Yes, please try I need the log.txt file to fix the issue

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Sorry for the incovenience, can you send me the log.txt file?

Sorry for the incovenience, I was succesfull at reproducing the issue and fixed it so the patch should be out with the next update. Thanks for reporting

Replied to qnie in Youtube

What is your mouse model? Send me please the log.txt file

Your welcome, thanks for playing. Please let me know of any other issue you have :)

New character is a button , are you clicking on it?

Thanks for the feedback, you will see some changes reflected on the following updates. However there were some things I couldn't grasp/need more detail:

  • "Name requirement, shouldn't be required." What do you exactly mean by this? characters shouldn't need names?
  • "Game crashes once you reach the village." Can you send me the crash log so I can fix this
  • "When you ride a horse into water, you obviously dismount the horse, but when you get out of the water from there you cant walk, you swim." You mean the character is stuck on the swim animation?

Sorry for the late reply and thanks.

I just released a new version which should fix the issue, thanks for reporting the crash.

The patch for this bug should be out in the next update (sunday)