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Yes, actually lately I've been working on doing a Mac & Linux compatible version via Mono. I don't have an ETA yet but you should join the discord or subreddit or follow me on twitter to keep up with the news.

  • Skill System: Woodcutting, Mining, Crafting, Cooking, Etc...

It is not in my plans to implement mining and wood cutting but a cooking system would fit the game very nicely. Any ideas to expand in that?

  • Ability System: Unlocking new attacks and abilities like: Triple Shot with bow and Leg Sweep with sword

Well, there is one. You open it with X, maybe I am not getting what you meant. Could you expand?

  • Taming: Turning something wild into a pet

I actually thought of this idea previously but I didnt implement it because of several reasons, the biggest one is: What would would be the cost of taming a pet?. Taming any pet without any constrain would be very overpowered. What kind of constrains/requirements would you put in the taming system? (item, abilities, etc)

Hey, thanks for the feedback. This is what I am looking for. Some of the combat issues you mentioned are improved in the current version (0.241) released yesterday, others still need some work.

Do you feel the game needs more places to interact or be more guided in the way exploring workds (e.g. making finding structures easier)?

Can you show me a screenshot of the bug?

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It's fine, I really want to find the root cause of this issue so I can fix it and make a better game. If it's not too much to ask could you make a video so I can really understand how it played out?

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It would get stuck in that animation?

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Thanks! Currently the quests dont work (I plan to rework them completely) and the minimap was disabled becuse of an issue, I just uploaded a hotfix version 0.231 which should fix this. I am really happy you enjoyed the game! Do you have any suggestions for it?

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Thanks for the feedback. You couldn't attack with the rogue even with the default weapons?  Some weapons you found while playing can't be equipped by every class e. g. The bow can only be used by the archer and the rapier by the warrior.  And for other weapons you need a specific skill point.
Apart from that do you have any suggestions for the game?

Please provide the following information:

  • Computer specifications.
  •  log.txt file.
  • Was this the first time you ran the game?
  • Does it always freeze or you only tried it once?

Sounds interesting, could you expand on that?

Interesting idea, I'll take it into account when designing new structures, thank you for your suggestion!

Thanks, I appreciate the kind words!

Replied to NotYo in Feedback & Bugs

Send me the log.txt file, your pc specs and please if you could provide video or screenshots that would be great.

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More animals and enemies are planned features, your idea about crafting sounds interesting, I may add it later to the game. Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks! For the kind words! Could you tell which bugs did you run into? Also do you have any suggestions to add to the game? Finally how was the performance of it?

I found the issue and it should be solved in the next version of the game (0.21), thanks for reporting!

Mandame el archivo log.txt y las especificaciones de tu PC asi puedo ayudarte a resolver el problema.

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Please try with the latest version I released

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I succesfully fixed it in version 0.20, I will release it in a couple of days

This looks really weird, Thanks for reporting. I'll try to reproduce the bug with my intel card.

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Sorry for the incovenience but there  is another issue with AMD cards in 0.18, I will release a fix on Saturday

Without your GPU name there is not much I can do.

Replied to Xxaviero in Crashing

It seems like an issue with AMD cards which others are experiencing too. I think I'll have it sorted out by the weekend.

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Follow the guideline and post the log.txt file and your computer specifications.

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Please follow the guidelines. Post your log.txt file and you computer specifications. Otherwise I can't help you.

Without your GPU specification there is not much I can do, however you should try updating your drivers and see if the game runs. Are you able to play other games? If so which one?

I am happy you liked the game :D Could you create an issue on the repository with your computer specification? so as to fix the issue you had

Wait are you having the same issue as this guy?

Which one are you running the game with? Do you have your drivers up to date?

The jitter isn't intentionally, it is a known issue I am working on solving. Thanks for the suggestions, I may make a complete version of this game after the Jam!

I am glad you liked it :) 

Seems like I forgot to add the quit button :/

Seems like the game is not detecting correctly your GPU, What is your correct GPU specification?

Please send me the log.txt file and your GPU specification.

Sorry for the late reply. I've found a fix for this issue and I'll be releasing it on Sunday 12/3, Stay tuned!

Sorry for the late reply. I've found a fix for this issue and I'll be releasing it on Sunday 12/3, Stay tuned!

Sorry for the late reply, I've found a fix for this issue and I'll be releasing it on Sunday 12/3, Stay tuned!

Sorry for the delayed response, I've trying to figure this out but I have a couple more questions. Is that a new character? Is this the first version of the game you play?

I will take a look into it, thanks for reporting

As I said in the other comments, there are still no plans of porting to Mac . This may change if I get a Mac

What are your specs? CPU, RAM, GPU and OS