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What is your GPU and OS? Send me the log.txt file

Sorry for the incovenience, I updated the game's version with the new fix so try downloading the game. The new version is the 0.141

Thanks for the feecback, glad you liked it :)

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Okay guys, sorry for the incovenience. It seems to be a bug on my end. Please send me your video card specification and the log.txt file so I can fix this ASAP

Yes it will. It will always have an offline singleplayer and in the future it will aso have an online multiplayer

Sorry for the incovenience, can you send me the log.txt file and your video card specification?

Just released the new update, let me know if it works for you :)

Okay so I am releasing a new version in a few days which should fix this issue. I'll let you know

I see, what is your graphics card, CPU and OS? Do you have .NET 4.0 or higher installed?

Are you running the game through the itch app? How many times have you tried running it?

How much ram do you have? Were you using the itch app?

Awesome video! I am gonna watch it later, any important bugs or crashes you found?

Thanks for making the video, could you go into detail about the crashes and bugs so I can fix them?

It's no surprise, your OpenGL version is  2.1.0 and the game needs at least 3.3

I see, could you click? How was the performance of the game?

Try running the game without the itch app or by giving it as admin, my guess is the game is trying to create the character file but can't complete because it doesn't have permission to work on that directory.

What is your mouse model?

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No, here is the analysis on virustotal


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Send me your computer specs, the log.txt file and the settings.cfg file

Replied to HALOISAWESOMELR in Youtube

Awesome, post it here too so we can see it

You managed to reproduce that graphical glitch?

You mean the animation got stuck? Could you fire or cast abilities?

Grayed out it's used when you havent learned that ability.

Replied to xBegin in Feedback & Bugs

Thanks, I will take a look into it. If you like the game you should rate it :)

Don't worry, most of the code for it is done and  it will be added when I make a good wizard character model

Try enabling VSync and tell me what happens, also does it work on the menu?

Replied to guska in Feedback & Bugs

Thanks, I was able to reproduced it and I already fixed it so it should be out on the next version. Now regarding the other issue you had, does it keeps happening? Do you have any screenshots of it? Does it happen in the latest version?

Are the FPS running smoothly? And the game working fine? Are you sure it's a mouse issue? It may be a low/high framerate that may be causing this, please send me your specs.

Replied to guska in Feedback & Bugs

Thanks for the detailed report, Could you expand on how the minimap behavied? Also do you got any screenshots of what you are describing, so as to grasp a better idea of what is happening. Could you try the newest version (0.11)? It should include some bugfixes and improvements but I am not sure if it fixes your exactly. Anyway thanks for reporting the issue :)

It's fine for me if you want to do some harsh criticism while it is constructive at the same time(like you previous post) and It really helps me improve the game a lot. Seeing you liked the  world generation I am planning to add some improvements to it in the following updates. Anyway thanks for playing and I look forward to hear your opinion in the future updates(hint: I plan to upload one in the following days.)

Thanks for playing, do you have any insight on how to reproduce this bugs/ how you made them occur? With a specific combination of keys?

I was able to reproduce it, thanks for reporting and consider it fixed for the next update! :)

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GPU, CPU, Ram, Screen resolution and OS

Replied to :> in Help.

It's totally fine, can you tell your computer specs to further optimize the game for lower end hardware?

Replied to :> in Help.

Seems like a problem with the launcher, try downloading the latest version which is the standalone and let me know what happens

First of all thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate them :)

The game's engine is my own and I made it using C# and OpenGL also I use Blender for my modelling needs. Since this is a very EARLY alpha and I am a sole developer there is a lot of planned features missing.  This makes the world uninsteresting  so I have plans to add new structures in the following updates to make the game's procedurally generated world much more interesting and challeging. I don't want to spoil the new stuff ranges from travelling merchants and shops to old abadoned cities and giant trees, I also like your idea of adding crypts and expanding the bandit camps so it might be implemented in the future. Again thank you for your detailed feedback and be sure to follow the project

By the way yesterday I released a new version which should improve the performance significantly and has some new stuff, you should try it out!

Thanks for the detailed report, but one thing is missing, what is your GPU?

Please describe more the issue and follow the guideline in here


Thanks for the detailed report, I really appreciated it. Can you send me your settings.cfg file? 

I am aware of the collision bug and I will be trying to refine it in the following days with a new update so dont worry.

I see, it seems to be a graphical bug the game has with AMD. Is this happening in the menu?Can you see the terrain?