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You are welcome

Yes, support for Linux and MacOS is planned but will be done while the game is on steam.

There is currently no option to change the controls, however I will try to add one when I find a time slot for it.

Thank you for letting me know of the crash, I think I just fixed it, and it should be out on 0.44.

Regarding the towns, I am currently changing the entirety of them so try to ignore the issues with the current buildings, here are some sneak peeks

I don't understand with such a vague description, Can you get me a screenshot?

The game would crash or windows? if its the former can you send me the log.txt file?

I see, have you tried running it as admin? and on compatibility mode as Alpin said?

Can you check %APPDATA%/Project Hedra an tell me what files are in there?

Hi, publishing on Steam is planned, but I am not looking for a publisher so thanks anyway

Hey do you have 2 drives? I found it rather strange that you had to enable admin privilegies to ran the game

It's all good, I'll wait for it eagerly :D

Hey! I am happy you liked the game and a bit sad that you can't play it :(

Can you send me the log.txt file in the game's folder so I can better debug this issue?

Thank you very much!

1. When standing on a hill or even on a flat land, looking down quickly-ish you can see under the map/ground for a couple of seconds.

2. Bosses will spawn with little health. I found the beetle-like boss which only had 204 out of 900 something health even though it was my first incounter.

These are known and they are being worked on, hopefully they will be fixed before next release.

3. AI can stand perfectly on a almost horizontal platform. (Goat which was underwater, under a waterfall, standing perfectly still, on a horizontal plain.)

I don't quite get what you mean, hopefully the video can help me understand it.

5. Enemies can see you through certain objects while also being able to shoot through it vica versa. (Tents, the huge trees where the beetle boss spawns, and sometimes the white looking trees.)

4. AI will willingly walk into a fire causing it to be low health when fighting it.

Well the AI is kind of dumb and pretty barebones, so this isnt really a bug but more like  a lack of feature. Hopefully I can start working in on it soon. But anyways thanks for pointing it out!

6. When walking downhill, your character will sometimes jump a little causing you to take damage.

How big is the fall? Anyway, I'll try to reproduce it.

?. Do the quests not work yet or do you need to find people to aquire them?

They havent been worked on yet.

I am glad you liked the game and I am looking forward to seeing the video

Cube world was one of my inspirations for this game but I also tried to give my game an identity of its own by its unique artstyle and different features. If after reviewing this features you still think my game is a copy, I am open to discuss with you what can be further changed so that Project Hedra can improve

Okay, thanks for the video now I get what you are experiencing. The fox thing is definetely a bug, but its caused by the mobs having bigger hitboxes than they should.

I released a new version today and I fixed something similar to the arrow issue, can you try it out and let me know if it keeps happening?

Thanks for letting me know.


This is a very strange issue, so I need to ask a few questions to understand it further. When shooting yourself did you see the arrow model? Was the game laggy while playing? (it might be a framerate issue). Also can you send me the log.txt file in the game's folder? It will help me debug the issue better

If you can provide a video or a gif it would be of great help

The arrows curving is expected as they are affected by gravity

You have to write on it.

I am really happy you enjoyed the game. 

Currently I am working on making the game more solid (less crashes, fixing the bugs that you mentioned, better performance, etc). 

Sadly multiplayer nor customization are planned to be worked on soon, instead I am focusing on more worldbuilding, structures and improving the world so adventuring is less tedious and there are more things to do. Any ideas you may want to share about this are appreciated :D 

Thanks for the feeback!

Send me the log.txt file and your computer specifications.

just sent you a friend request


Don't worry, as long as you are willing, I'll be here trying to solve the issue. Do you have discord or other chat application?, so we talk faster and I can send you things to test much faster.

Here is the debug build, let me know what happens when you try it out.

Can you try the newest version?

Do you have discord of something so I can send you the build when its ready?

I just uploaded a new version with a fix for this, can you try it out and let me know if it still happens?

I just uploaded a new version with a fix for this, can you try it out and let me know if it still happens?

I just uploaded a new version with a fix for this, can you try it out and let me know if it still happens?

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Hi, can you send me the log.txt file? Also I think I might have a solution for this, are you willing to try out a preview build?

EDIT: I uploaded a new version with something that could possibly be the fix.

Okay, the console doesnt show anything interesting.

Is this screen showing? Or it locks before this? Also can I send you a debug build so as to better find the root cause of the issue?

Can you send me a screenshot of the console? I feel like something may be broken but the log isnt reporting it correctly

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Send me the log.txt file please, also have you played a previous version?

Thank you for the kind words and letting me know of the grammatical error :P

Very strange, is this the first time this is hapenning to you? Have you played other versions? If so did you have the same issue?

You conviced me, I ended up creating a Patreon not necessary for the mac version but to speed up development and to improve the game's assets, here is it

I recently managed to port the game to linux but the version is a bit buggy, I tried it on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. the port uses Mono so it should work on mac however i am not sure about that. Let me know if you want to try it out.

It just stays white and nothing else happens? It's a bit strange, do you have a screenshot?

great, let me know of any other issues

Please link the game in the description, not a file you uploaded to mediafire

I am not sure. Dont get me wrong It would be really helpful and definetely help me make progress quicker but I am not sure if people would want to support me.

Hi, can you send me the log.txt file in the game's directory? That will help me diagnose the issue.