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I was able to reproduce it, thanks for reporting and consider it fixed for the next update! :)

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GPU, CPU, Ram, Screen resolution and OS

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It's totally fine, can you tell your computer specs to further optimize the game for lower end hardware?

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Seems like a problem with the launcher, try downloading the latest version which is the standalone and let me know what happens

First of all thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate them :)

The game's engine is my own and I made it using C# and OpenGL also I use Blender for my modelling needs. Since this is a very EARLY alpha and I am a sole developer there is a lot of planned features missing.  This makes the world uninsteresting  so I have plans to add new structures in the following updates to make the game's procedurally generated world much more interesting and challeging. I don't want to spoil the new stuff ranges from travelling merchants and shops to old abadoned cities and giant trees, I also like your idea of adding crypts and expanding the bandit camps so it might be implemented in the future. Again thank you for your detailed feedback and be sure to follow the project

By the way yesterday I released a new version which should improve the performance significantly and has some new stuff, you should try it out!

Thanks for the detailed report, but one thing is missing, what is your GPU?

Please describe more the issue and follow the guideline in here


Thanks for the detailed report, I really appreciated it. Can you send me your settings.cfg file? 

I am aware of the collision bug and I will be trying to refine it in the following days with a new update so dont worry.

I see, it seems to be a graphical bug the game has with AMD. Is this happening in the menu?Can you see the terrain?

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No. It's the log.txt file. If you downt find it send me an image with a list of the files in the folder

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Ok, just send me the log,txt file next to the game executable

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I see, what are your specs?

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Send me a screenshot

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Send me a screenshot of how it looks like or a more detailed description

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You have to click here

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Feel free to post any ideas or suggestions you have and they might end up in the game!

Can you send me a screenshot of what is happening?Also give me your computer specs and log.txt file.

Okay seems like a bug on my end. I uploaded the standalone version of the game so no launcher is needed but you will have to update the game manually until I fix this issue. Tell me how it goes

This is when executing the Hedra Launcher.exe right? I just uploaded the standalone version of the game so try running that and tell me how it goes

Send me the log.txt file and try downloading the game and running it as standalone

Can you take an image of what is happening or give me a better description? Also what are your computer specs, send me the files you have in the folder if you are running the game through the itch app and the game logs

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You can create videos for your youtube channel, but you have to link the game in the description. I would love to see any videos you make here.

I don't think so it must be a problem on my end. Please tell me which files you have in the folder and if you are using the itch app

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Press details and tell me what it says. Also what is the number format in you computer? Do you use , or . for decimals?

What are you pc specs? also send me your log.txt file

Try running the game with admin privileges

Sorry for the issues, can you show me a screenshot of it? Do you have this button?

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I couldn't understand what you meant, could you paraphrase?

Created a new topic Feedback & Bugs
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Post here your feedback and bugs or through any of the official channels!

Please include the following items:

  • Computer specs
  • if it's a crash, include the log.txt file
  • Detailed description or screenshot of the problem

I just pushed the 0.81 update which among other stuff includes the fix for you issue. Please let me know when you try it out and if it is solved.

Okay, so I found the issue in the code, I am working on fixing it the patch with the update should be out in the following days. Sorry for the delay

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Sorry for the inconvenience, I have some questions to further explore this issue and get it fixed. Does it move or is it just stuck? Can you use the mouse wheel & the mouse buttons?Are you running on the itch.io app?

I just pushed and update that should fix that bug, re run the launcher and it should update the game. Don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries you have