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> Looking forward to getting in on the beta and spending some more time with the game, hopped in discord. To be honest I've spent very little time actually in game and more time debugging and abusing it more than anything. 

Awesome to have you there, there are also people that prefer to hack/mod the game more than playing it and thats okay since I think thats also a big part of the game.

> Some of the most obvious were the game files themselves like items, mobs, etc. I've only just begun to experiment with modding some of these files, that should add a whole new dimension to the game[..]

Honestly I don't like people cheating but its a tradeoff I accepted when I decided to allow for easy modding via editing the text files.

Character/Item Duplication

Very interesting discovery,  I will look into it, however I don't think it's a high priority thing to get fixed.

NPC is too generous

Yeah I am aware of this and I already fixed it in v0.45 ( the sky thing and the bug that he gives unlimited loot)

>Clear text descriptions to fundamental values:

Like i said before, it's a tradeoff between modding and cheating. Most of the game is already obfuscated but there are some parts that I haven't obfuscated on purpose, because soon I'll be providing a C# API that would allows players to mod more complex things of the game like biomes and procedural quests.

With that said, I will look into ways of reducing the unobfuscated content or at least add some fail-safes to prevetn cheating.

Looking forward to see you on reddit/discord, and let me know of any other feedback you have :)