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> What is the threshold? This was not mentioned at all in your reddit posts.

People who donated 50 cents won't get a key, because It all got eaten by fees. Thats what I am referring to. It wasn't mentioned in the reddit posts because:

1. I didn't know that was going to happen.

2. I wasn't going to include a Terms Of Service in every of my reddit comments. 

I think it's a reasonable distinction to make.

> And what I would like is the ability to download the version which _was_ here on Itch. Not the Steam demo, not any other demo. Just the code I already donated for. I don't see how that is being unreasonable. 

I offered you to be included in the closed beta before steam, it is no demo. This closed beta entailed updates with the content that will be on steam. But well...

Quote: Since you bought the game I want to let you know that I'll be doing a closed beta before steam and you might be interested in that

> Ever bought a game on Steam? Regardless of what the game developer or publisher do Steam will allow you to download what you paid for even after it has been removed from sale. That is the correct behaviour. That is what I expect all Itch coders to do. Just taking away what has been purchased with zero warning and no way to get it back is - IMO - very wrong.

Yes, I know. But AFAIK doesn't allow doing that. Regardless I 'll try find a way solve the issue, either by sending you the game via discord or finding that option on itch.