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Battle Bruise 2 community · Created a new topic Update 1

Hi there folks,

I've been working on the game, buuuut... more on the paper and system works than anything else. I'm uploading the current version today... and I'm dying of jealously. True to be told, I'm a little scared of what a player will think of the game on the current state.

The game does have solid and full game design written, almost every enemy art, animation and code complete, but, the game is changing radically from Battle Bruise 2. To justify those changes, it's safer to show the complete work, with all it's pieces, rather than showing it's pieces with buggy things and features lacking.

For example, the melee attacks are still to be implemented, (and the secondary weapons as well). Those alone are a radical change on the game's mechanics, and it's yet to be done.

Currently, I'm working on what I'm calling "the junk system".

But, those things should be funnier as a surprise, as a first look on the full game!

I'm rushing to get everything in place as soon as done.


Battle Bruise 2 community · Created a new topic day 10

Looks weird, but I`m working on the game`s UI and how the menu works (there`s a lot of other stuff already made, but I would like to talk about this on a later update).

There`s a thing about loading times, menus and screen - I hate loading screens, wait time and things like that. Games without loading are a mark of the 90s cartridge games, and I love it. It`s also curious how some Nintendo games generally avoid loading screens at all, like if there`s nothing to load at all.

I`ve never heard anyone mentioning this, but hell, i love this.

Hope to upload something new next week. Maybe.

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Hi there!

I'm a gamedev, working on gamedev things, and I want to start a side-project as educational games for autists, mostly, for my 6 year old boy and for personal study.

Im thinking on doing some kind of group where other devs/pedagogues (is this the right english word?), teachers, psychologists may interact to post projects, feedbacks, with the aim of developing good educational games.

So, just to open a topic, there's good tools for doing so? There's other devs here interested on the matter?

Thanks for the time!

PS: I dont know if someone asked this before, but I really could not find any search tool on the forums.

yeah, no game crashes today, with sandbox disabled. Maybe he is the culprit. Or not.

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There's room for different games. I think Landless have another vibe.

Anyway, were is Raft on Steam?

Yep! On windows 10, launching from the itch app, and using sandbox. If the issue I'm reporting is not common to you, maybe the sandbox is the problem. I will try to play the game with sandbox disabled, when I get a free time.

Hi there! I've played City Clickers with my daughter. We loved the aesthetics, the soundtrack, and the promises of hours of fun with this great game system.

There's just one problem, the game crashers frequently. We crashed 3 times, after a brief gameplay.

But the game promise is lovely.

Thanks Leafo! I will try to browse itch weekly with her. Tons of gold here.

Hi there,

I wouldd like to browse the Itch App with my daughter, but, I'm with this doubt. It is safe for watching with kids?

Loved it. Gives me memories. Not sure where they are from.

Wow! Cool! Loved the work on the sound.

Hum, a more playable Mirrors Edge. Looks cool!

A messy non-stop shooting game, about making piles and piles of corpses and fighting swarms of enemies.

The thing is really simple: dead bodies mount piles, and explosions form holes on the ground. The game runs with really really numerous waves of enemies, and is up to you to make the crowd control while keeping yourself alive on this mess.

We're running a early access version of the game, as we need some human input. Is this mess readable? Help us find out!

The game is avaliable here

Interesting. Remembers me of titles like Flashback.

hum, curious

I dont know if I will play it, having kids, but, I must say, there's some fine gameplay there. The jump remembers me of Wario Land. Very good.

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Hi there!

Battle Bruise is built on top of the "Atop a mountain of corpses" trope.

Behind the scenes, each dead body is a painted skeleton on the terrain mesh, and the mesh itself grows a little where this body is. When a lot of dead corpses get together, bigger and bigger piles shows. It also changes a 2d tilemap, used for movement and bullet hittesting.

Ironically, the game is made on the K.I.S.S principle (Keep it simple, stupid), but, almost every movement and hittesting of the game is handled by our code. There's, at the maximum, the use of physics.raycast for bullet x enemies hittesting. Everything else is home made.

These crazy and messy blue/orange lines are part of our debug routines, most used for visualization of the movement algorithm. We're using most boid movement for the swarm. There was a layer of A* before, but it was commented out, because it was kinda useless (boid seek works quite well for now).

Well, that is it. If someone have some question, sugestion, or anything else, please ask. I love to talk about such things.