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Is the default Itch Browse "SFW"?

A topic by zanardi created Jun 07, 2017 Views: 84 Replies: 3
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Hi there,

I wouldd like to browse the Itch App with my daughter, but, I'm with this doubt. It is safe for watching with kids?

Admin (Edited 1 time) (+1)

By default, when browsing things,  NSFW content is hidden. It must be manually enabled from your account settings page. 

Thanks Leafo! I will try to browse itch weekly with her. Tons of gold here.


No problem. Just one thing to keep in mind, all pages are classified mostly by the people who create the content, so it is possible something gets through the filter. We (the admins) flag misclassified things we see but we can't guarantee we'll get everything. It might be worth looking around yourself first get an an idea of what you might see.