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Glasswinged Ascension is available on!

A topic by RedSpotSylphina created Feb 18, 2017 Views: 352 Replies: 1
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Glasswinged Ascension.

I'm glad to announce that Glasswinged Ascension - stealth action game in the genre of cyberpunk, can now be purchased here, on! It's available in two variants - for Android and for Windows platforms. Also, there is an option to purchase it on Google Play or Amazon, if you prefer so.

Glasswinged Ascension is built around cyberpunk theme permeated with avoidance, caution, and story telling. It is truly hardcore, and consists of missions which can be completed in different ways. There is no straight path to the goal, while means to achieve it do not have to be lethal.

Interesting. Remembers me of titles like Flashback.