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Thanks for playing! This is my first solo game so it was really just me trying to learn unity so I can make better games. Thanks for your honest opinion and hope you check out my future projects!

Honestly have no clue. To help you out when you fall through the floor and enter the room with the TV and multiple doors all the doors have a set of numbers above them. This specific set of numbers is also show on some walls as you progress through the game. If you open the cabinets using the corresponding numbers one of the cabinets will spawn the key you need for the door. It's also set up in a way where if you open all the cabinets it will show up sooner or later if you have trouble finding the code. I believe closing the cabinets resets the code so make sure to leave them open. Good luck and thanks for playing. Also sorry for the poor design of the puzzles and what not it's my first game and I am a solo developer so it's not the best lol.

It’s possible you did I bought the 3d models from the unity asset store but the map design, most the sounds, the story, and all the code in this are mine. Glad you enjoyed it. I plan on making the full game feee later today if you’re interested in replaying the newest version. Also possibly adding a new level soon. Thanks for playing. 

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thanks for playing! Glad you liked it

I’m working on that now my friend! The next version will be the official full level and it should be ready in about a week or two. Thanks for playing!

thanks for playing hope you enjoyed it! Next version will be out in about a week or two and will continue from the floor breaking so look out for that if you’re interested! Thanks again!

Thanks for playing and your feedback I take everything into consideration and try my best to work it into a fun/scary experience for everyone.

Thanks for playing and im glad you liked it! The puzzle is randomly generated at the start of your playthrough sometimes even I found it too be too hard but sometimes its really easy lol

Working on notes and more content. Thanks for playing the demo much appriciated!

Okay thanks for replying much appriciated. The reason I asked is I have a new version up and I didn't notice my changes in your video so I panicked a little lol

thanks for playing! Quick question do you know which version you downloaded? Was it the original or the v0.2 version?

Hey thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and glad you liked! You actually managed to expose a huge bug I didn’t consider towards the end so thanks for that I’ll take all this into consideration and fix it for the next version. 

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thanks for playing and the feedback will work on it! I know the stories a little all over the place right now so bare with me lol. As for the door I can promise you the door is 100% red just hard to tell under the heating lamp lol

Thank you for playing!

thanks for the feedback will work on this! 

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there’s currently a bug where the settings come up zeroed out. Go into the settings and raise both the sensitivity and the volume. Volume raise all the way and sensitivity raise it to the middle. Also sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey thanks for playing and making the video! Seeing where you encounter some problems is very insightful and I use all that for future versions. I’ll use your feedback and work on future version and we should be at a full release soon. Thanks again!

Hey thanks for posting the video. Hilarious gameplay I’m glad the jumps are got you haha! Also very insightful feedback I’ll work this into the next version! Thanks again

Hey thanks for playing. VERY odd you game settings started zeroed out definitely shouldn’t do that I’ll look into it and fix that when I push out a new update. Again thanks for playing and I very much appreciate you taking the time out to play this!

Hey thanks for playing. I know the games a little hard to figure out rn but your playtest is very enlightening and I have a good idea what to do for furture updates. Thanks for playing and if you want to follow the development of the game go ahead and drop me a follow!

Hey thanks a lot! I will be adding things here and there to the game in the coming months and will try for monthly updates to the game. You're always welcome to follow me here on itch to keep up with development. Thanks again and I very much appreciate the affirming words!

Hey guys I just released my demo for The Red Door. The Red Door is a horror game that takes place inside the home of a serial killer and you are one of his abductee victims. You will have to find keys, tools, and solve puzzles to unlock doors and get to the red door at the end to escape the house. Think you can make it out!?

Check out the games page to find more info. Any feedback will also be welcome!

hey thanks for playing. I’ll definitely work on everything you mentioned. You’re probably one of the first people to properly play test the game so your feedback is appreciated. I would change all the stuff now if I could but seeing as the jams over I can’t make changes but after I will. Out of curiosity which platforms where the ones affected by collision? Thanks again for playing I appreciate it 

ah no worries that’d be a really cool feature but thanks for the info much appreciated!

hey new to itch and I was wondering if there was a way to add everyone in my team to get a split of any revenue or donations we make on our project? I tried reading through some similar topics but the only one I found was about two years old so idk if maybe this feature was added but I can’t find it. Thanks for your time

hey everyone. I’m a recent college grad in game design looking to earn a little money for bills. I’m proficient in C#, level design, story narrative, UI, 3D modeling and more. If you need any help You can contact me via email at or here. I can send work examples/ code examples. Message me and we can talk to see if the projects are a fit for us. Thanks a lot guys