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Honestly have no clue. To help you out when you fall through the floor and enter the room with the TV and multiple doors all the doors have a set of numbers above them. This specific set of numbers is also show on some walls as you progress through the game. If you open the cabinets using the corresponding numbers one of the cabinets will spawn the key you need for the door. It's also set up in a way where if you open all the cabinets it will show up sooner or later if you have trouble finding the code. I believe closing the cabinets resets the code so make sure to leave them open. Good luck and thanks for playing. Also sorry for the poor design of the puzzles and what not it's my first game and I am a solo developer so it's not the best lol.

Thanks for the help! Yeah I kept shutting all the cabinets. No wonder I never found anything lol. I had fun playing the game and it definitely scared me like with the creepy dolls and the killer popping up, so I think you did a good job :)