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thanks for the feedback!! Yeah I'll check out your game today!

thanks JK5000! Glad you enjoyed it!

Really interesting atmospheric game! I enjoyed it quite a lot despite the fact that (for me at least) my frame rate was little over 15 fps which made the game very jaggered, I enjoyed the theme song and thought the art was rather pretty and well suited!!

if you get a chance to check out my game as well, That would be greatly appreciated!

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Great game! I like the theme and the art style, I think that after you die it is hard to get into another game because you have to go through the really slow part again and takes a while to get to the bit that you died at, but overall, really nice and well polished game that could be more in the future!

If you get some time, I would rally appreciate if you checked out my game as well!

Absolutely excellent game! I wonder and am in awe as to how you did that in just 7 days, well done! I really liked the satisying time slow when you shoot an enemy and the progression to different places as you go. I got to the acid part. Great Job!! ps. how many people worked on this one? also, this should be polished and uploaded to the app store, it's better than most of the games on there already

Thanks so much the for the  in depth feedback, I definitely agree with most of these points and think the wall climb is my favorite part as well.

Yeah the coins and green goo are pretty bad and I agree that I could have done more to make the PFX more consistent with the games art theme. Hmm I didn't have any problems with the jumping when play testing and totally agree that it is important to get right. I suppose your right about not hitting the theme directly, I just settled to hit it loosely and make the game about a lie or something to do with a lie instead as I wanted to use this game jam as a learning tool and didn't see another instance in which I would explore platforming. All in all thanks so much for the long and thoughtful feedback! I will take all of this into account for my future projects!!

Nice quick game! I enjoyed this one quite a lot, well done making it!

If you get a chance and could check out my game that would be greatly appreciated aswell!

Interesting game, I like the concept and think the game would be better off throwing you straight back into the action instead of a long arbitrary game over image, just a death sound and maybe some particle effects then a respawn and your good to try again.

if you get the chance, I would love it if you checked out my game aswell!!

thanks for the feedback!!

Thanks man!

no problem friend, sorry I couldn't play your game, looks interesting! All the best

thanks, will check it out tomorrow!

thanks for the kind words!

thanks so much for the kind words!! I was worried the words thing wouldn't come across properly but great to hear that everyone is understanding it and liking it!

Thanks for playing my game, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah both great pieces of feedback, I'll take them into account for future projects, I was going to add the tokens count and stuff into the game while playing but ran out of time and the tokens not resetting was a conscious design decision because dying in my game already affects the final score so I didn't want to punish the player too much, but I will definitely take you advice on board!

Thanks! I'm glad you understood what the scrolling texts were, I was a bit worried it wouldn't come across properly. About seeing the ranking, what exactly are you referring to?

thanks for the lovely feedback, I'll take those into account for future projects!


great feedback, glad that you liked it! I'll definitely work on theme and music for my next game!

thanks so much for the feedback! Definitely all great points and I will keep them in mind on future projects!

thanks for the feedback! Yeah I agree with those points, I am just starting out with game art so I couldn't get the poison goo right and thought I better not spend my entire week trying and It was my first time doing any audio but will definitely work to improve those things for future games!

thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, ahh yeah I didn't properly integrate enemies colliding with each other and it was a last minute thing to put them on the same platform so that can happen, if you hit escape and go into the pause menu there a "restart level" this will reset the level and you can go from there, that glitch doesn't happen every time.

Yeah I completely understand the time constraint, no problem :)

Ahh ok thanks, I'll give it another look!

Love the graphics! and really cool idea to have a moving character in a tower defense game, overall, excellently crafted!! if you would like to check out my game as well that would be awesome!

Cool idea, i found that the camera movement messed up my spotlight aiming and i wished the spotlight could be a bit wider maybe, overall a very nice experience! If you were to check out my game as well I would really appreciate it, I reckon you'll like it!

Loved the visuals, very nice, I had a problem with jumping if I was up against a wall, it would just stick

overall very nice, wish there was more levels. if you get the chance, I would love if you played my game aswell! cheers

Nice graphics, I couldn't beat the boss because every time I get into range he hits me. Great job with it though!

Very nice game, I really like the sound and the animations, great storyline and multiple endings

if you wanted to check out my game too that would be awesome!

ahh ok thanks, glad I asked, i'll give this a go then

Nice little jig for the music, I feel like the terrain should have a few more obstacles in it or something and the player should jump further not higher but other than that, nice job!

Fun game, I really liked the music and the way the character dances to it and walks to it, well done!

This mechanic is pretty fun! I didn't like that the torch doesn't slowly recharge or that there is no way to get charge, it left me just straight guessing where to go later in the level and dying because of it, maybe there are pick ups that recharge or maybe only charge when your moving or something. overall nice game though! I enjoyed the music as well. If you want to check out my game as well that would be greatly appreciated!

Nice quick game. I was thinking of pinocchio as a possibility for my game as well but decided to go a different way, glad someone else did it, very nice mechanic.

If you want to check out my game that would be greatly appreciated too :)

Because you made the game and understand its inner workings deeply and have played it alot during developement it can become difficult to judge difficulty becuase you are so good at it, a simple way to nullify this effect is to get someone you know to play the game, screen record then leave the room and let them play then come back once they are done, watch the footage back and see where they were getting stuck and why, it will lead to a more enjoyable experience on release I think 

This game is not playable in mac, you should probably update your info, wish I could play it though!

This is not playable on Mac, probably should update your info, would love to play it if it were possible

Love...The...Theme song! was very fun to play, had a blast! good work completing this in the time frame. if you get a chance, it would be great to check out my game too, I think you'd like it!