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awesome lil roguelike!! bit difficult and rough around the edges, but the final game is neat

cool game! my group's game needs 3 more ratings to reach 20, we'd appreciate it if you could rate it or check it out!

my group's game needs 3 more ratings to reach 20, it'd mean a lot if you could rate it or even just check it out!

my group's game needs 3 more ratings to reach 20, it'd mean a lot if you could rate it or even just check it out!

Played your game, it was pretty cool! Here's my group's fever dream of a game:

thanks for the opportunity! the last time i checked, the game i worked on had 14 ratings on it:

appreciate the rate for rate, my friends and i made a fever dream of a game if youd like to check it out!

yo that'd be cool! my friends and i made a fever dream point and click adventure game if that interests you:

my buddies and i made a point-and-click adventure/puzzle game set in a fever dream

great gameplay with the fake blocks and fake player, it made for some very interesting puzzles (a couple of them actually had me sit and think for a bit)! the art is also very nice with the simple colors but also beautiful background. overall a good game!

the art style is pretty cool, the 3D environment is really nice. this game has made me hate cake now, fun times though!

i loved the game mechanic with the pogo stick, i thought it was a very fun idea that also made for engaging gameplay. the art style also made it easy to know what i couldnt stand on or pogo on while also being visually appealing in a minimalist way. im just a bit confused as to where the theme comes in, like is this all in a dream world? regardless i enjoyed your game, pogo sticks make for fun games!

i legit thought this was an embed of google spreadsheets or microsoft excel. oh my god i love it

A neat game where I get to mess with some people's house, great premise and great art!

Damn your game is difficult but it really captivates me to try and try again. The art style, the mirage mechanic, the premise of finding a city in a post-apocalyptic desert, everything comes together to make such a cool game! Loved my time with it

Fantastic puzzles, they really challenged me to the point that I actually got stumped on some. I'd leave the game open for a bit while doing other stuff and come back and try again until I beat the puzzle. I really like the clone mechanics, a bit confused as to what the different colors did at first but still had a good time. Great game!

I love games with mini games built into them, it was fun to try to keep the ghost at bay for as long as I could. The jazz helped to calm me down though but felt a bit outta place when I felt like the game wanted me to run around the house. Cool game though!

I really like your main game mechanic of jumping on a spawnable box, felt pretty unique but also fun to just explore the level with it!

I had a good time with your game! The puzzles were fun to solve and were well designed that I wasn't ever frustrated when I had to stop and think.

I was using Firefox, thanks for the help!

Cool game, I enjoyed the marker background and was surprised by how long the game was. Felt pretty hard at times but you still made a neat game

Hey, if you're interested in a fever dream of a game then check out my group's game!

Loved the atmosphere created in your game, I felt like I could've been jumped by The Thing any second I was watching the monitor. The game was also pretty immersive through its gameplay of manipulating the knobs and buttons of the radio station. I had one issue though where for some reason the game kept having my mouselook by dragged to the bottom right of the screen so I had to keep fighting the camera as I played. I played in-browser if that provides any help. Anyways, I really liked your game, it was an eerily anxious story in the arctic!

the demo's cool as hell! i loved the atmosphere and how monstrously huge the whole location felt, excited for the full release!

this game is fucking insane