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That makes me really smart for figuring it out on the first try right? Hehe. :P

Ah okay. Nice.

okay i'll try that.

The problem this game has is that I have to do a 180 when I want to shoot targets behind my back. The art and the idea are good tho. 

Hmm. Okay, das war uns noch nicht bekannt. Bis jetzt ging das bei jeden. Danke für die Info. 

The world is too big and most of the objects fly above the ground which makes for really weird grafic bugs when you are beneath them.

I can barely read the text font for the credits.

What is the goal of the game?

The Athmophere in the game is good.

The little cutscene was cute.

Jap. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen.

I like the idea, the art is cool and it has a great athmosphere. I did not try to upgrade every single building to reach the 0 pollution endgoal. It just takes too long to reach for such simple repetetive gameplay.

I don't know why, but i can't play the game as intended. When i use arrow keys or WASD to move the character, it looks like i move way to quick and out of screen really fast until there is no background. 

I won't be able to rate it, since i do not have a VR device at home. You should consider uploading gameplay videos!

I like the style of the game! The art and animations are on point. The Music is good as well. The gameplay is simple but works just fine. It would help to have indicators on enemys, turrets and general health, what phase your currently in and how far you've progressed. All these things aside a solid game for this jam!

The art is amazing. The gameplay is very simple and short, which is not bad, but there could be just a little more to it.

Super cute :D, simple but has everything needed:

nice music, fitting art, gameplay without bugs!

I realy enjoyed it.

Nice game! I like the look and the little bit of story you put in there!
You can win the game by building only the campfire and the fishing rack and fish with your two workers for the rest of the game :P. Maybe there is a simple fix for that. 

It's a really quiet game, a few more sounds or music instead of noise would've been nice. And for some reason it really annoys me that you can't look up and down :) Maybe that's just me tho. Also the mouse is still not visible when you open the menu which makes it hard to click on anything. I like the idea tho.

The map is way too big. Sound would be a massive improvment. The art is pretty good.

The game looks pretty cool, but the feedback on what the buildings do and information on why you should build them could be better. Also the high pitch screeching sound is annoying after a while. I'm impressed by the art tho.

Looks amazing. Unfortunetly the layering of all the objects is off so the overlapping changes at random. Also after the highscore of 80 i just fell through the floor :S.

Sound is definitely missing. Also the game never stops even after you cleaned the whole beach.

Looks good, sound is good, gameplay is simple but not at all bad. Nice game :)
The User Interface is a bit buggy tho.

Are you suppose to go up oder forward? What is the games goal ?

What am i suppose to do? I don't understand this game. I Tried every button on the keyoard and mouse. The only button that does something is the spacebar and it just reduces the framerate, that's all. Also the resolution changes messes everything up completely. Can you enlighten me on what i'm doing wrong ?

I really like the art. Would've been helpful if all interactable objects could be easy to identify. Took me a while to figure out what you can interact with.

Schade, dass das Spiel keinen Sound hat.

Cute and impressive first game.

Das liegt daran, dass Unity immer 1080p rendert und uns das nicht bewusst war. Das Problem ist behoben, wenn du im Vollbild spielst oder es downloadest. Es ist für eine höhere Auflösung ausgelegt. Nächten Jam wissen wir bescheid und können es direkt beachten :) 

Thanks for playing! I had really much fun animating out little cubeguy. :D 

Looks like you really enjoyed our game! I am thrilled to hear that! We really gave it our best and are really happy with the result. I am especially proud since this is our second game jam ever! Thank you for your rating and your honesty!!! 

thanks for playing our game! The bugs you encountered are probably happening because we were pretty sloppy coding the torch mechanic :P hope you liked it anyway! 

This game is really good. Everything is just fitting. Loved it!

I really loathe mazes in games. The fact that you can't see it makes it even worse. I didn't even understand what you were suppose to do. I recommend that you add a description to your game once you upload it for additional clarity.

I really like the Humor of the game. The art and voice acting is awesome. The gamesound is not 3D i tried with multiple headphones, which makes the game unplayable. 5 stars for humor tho! :D

I'm sorry, but somehow the game doesn't really work. 

I like the approach you took with the theme. The design of the game is really nice, but unfortunately it's no fun at all playing in this confusing environment.

This game is super small (in size, gameplay and everything else) .I like the idea and implementation, but for a 48h Jam it's clearly not enough. Next time you should invest more time in the Jam ;).

The game idea is really funny and i love the design. I find it very difficult to even beat the easy mode! I think you should turn the difficulty down a notch. Another issue i have with this is the lack of the theme. I don't really see the "limited view" in your game. Everything else is fine tho.

For whatever reason there was no music in the game. A fine idea for a game jam, but the difficulty is a little bit high.

A small tip for later game jams or games in general. Stay away from mazes unless you got a innovative new idea (which is highly unlikely because mazes are around since arcade times)! The theme is fitting and the grafics are cute.

I like this game! It's challenging, but not to difficult. Very simple but awesome Design. The Jump with X is kinda weird, since it's directly below the movement keys.